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  1. Thanks. Feedback away. There is plenty to do, which will take considerable time so would be good to work in whatever comes in too
  2. Welcome to UVM (Ultimate Vehicle mod). This is a BETA release. These are heavily optimized low poly vehicles that will spawn in the world, on roads and in prefabs, that can either be harvested for parts like vanilla, or upgraded to a working vehicle if you have found or crafted UVM_Vehicleaccessories item and the UVM_impactwrench to do so. You cant pick up the shell to take back to your base or keep in inventory. You must have the parts to upgrade the vehicle then collect. You will either need to find the schematic, or unlock the grease monkey perk to craft. The recipe for the vehicle accessories consists of: <ingredient name="carBattery" count="1"/> <ingredient name="vehicleWheels" count="4"/> <ingredient name="smallEngine" count="1"/> <ingredient name="ammoGasCan" count="7500"/> <ingredient name="resourceMechanicalParts" count="16"/> The Impact Wrench is in loot like the nail gun. You can find the schematic in loot also. The recipe for the impact wrench consists of: <ingredient name="resourceForgedSteel" count="20"/> <ingredient name="resourceMechanicalParts" count="20"/> <ingredient name="resourceDuctTape" count="2"/> <ingredient name="resourceScrapPolymers" count="10"/> <ingredient name="resourceSpring" count="5"/> Upgrading uses a specific hit location on the vehicle, the front RIGHT headlight area when looking at the vehicle. (reasons) A lot of time has been spent on the physics and speed balancing of the vehicles in comparison to vanilla. You can still have the vanilla vehicles by vanilla means, however. Im not that mean (yet) Common vehicles are generally the slowest, while the super cars will have you flying across the map (I have based this on the speed of my PC loading chunks, keep in mind I use my biome packs etc) There are 46 Base vehicles included in this release. 31 civilian vehicles and the remaining are military (see below) I recommend a new game as they will not spawn into already explored areas in existing games. Military vehicles will ONLY spawn in military prefabs. Pray to RNGesus. The VEHICLES: The spawning ranges from common, uncommon and rare In future updates (dont ask for a timeline) you will be able to upgrade base vehicles into upgraded "Mad Max" inspired vehicles with bumpers, armor, engines, wheels, NOS for that extra zombie killing potential. There are known things (things, not issues) so I wont list them (just visual stuff at the moment). DOWNLOAD DOWNLOAD FOUNDATION BASE BETA RELEASE FROM NEXUS DOWNLOAD FOUNDATION BASE BETA RELEASE FROM GITLAB Fixes: Adds Impact Wrench to grease monkey perk Progression unlocks of impact wrench and accessories Loot on shells civvy/military Car head light and brake light visuals Adds flashing lights to emergency vehicles Localization by Chiko and Adredan Furthermore I could not have done this alone. There was large contributions and help from: Ragsy Haidr'Gna Khaine Guppycur If I forgot anyone, Im sorry, its been since October
  3. You will need to use A16 for this mod.
  4. Yes this isnt something I can solve. TFP have also had this issue during an update. It purely comes down to existing saves and already explored areas/chunks vs unexplored. The issue will not happen in unexplored areas and will not happen with new "clean" games.
  5. For A18 only the lighting in terms of resources.assets will work and I specifically mention the build in the title on nexus. Lighting is only required client side. All the other modlets, apart from the gun skins/spotlight IIRC still work fine and are required on server/client. IHTH.
  6. 18.4 b4 Lighting. Usual Place. https://www.nexusmods.com/7daystodie/mods/133?tab=files
  7. Speedtree can cap trunk bases now? or are you moving away from Speedtree?
  8. yea, Its saturday afternoon. Whats up with all these people that live in the past, right?
  9. Its hard to have pretty screenshots of a server manager.
  10. Your ideas are already implemented... just not released
  11. Hi - - - Updated - - - Hi Hi you spying on me?
  12. It would seem so. People just need thicker skin and to lighten up.
  13. Words have multiple uses and meanings. Who would have thought?
  14. Entertainment value is your game. Your points as a dev should be conveyed without insults. Use of terms such as Rat, is an insult. Words, how do they work? https://www.vocabulary.com/dictionary/rat
  15. Imagine if you could get your points across without being insulting.
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