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  1. Okay, was playing my world today (latest update) and somthing freaky happened. I came down from my base at 4am to kill the zombies attacking my base and in the middle of fighting they all just died. They died but in very slow motion like the matrix, irradiated and all. This was day 2 single player. It was the weirdest thing I ever saw in this game lol. Like they were falling on the moon.


    Sorry to say the scavenging bug is still present. The no loot between levels one.


    What do you mean "no loot between levels". I've seen this bug twice where I could not get loot from any box but after a while it resolved itself and I can't figure out what I did to resolve it. Does leveling fix it? Going crazy and paranoid trying to figure out what triggers it and what fixes it.

  2. Enjoying DF but my Fortitude isnt working correctly as it wont go above 110 health regardless of how much I put into the perk. I havent read all the posts so apologies if its a known issue


    I had this same issue, it was resolved with the latest update. Update your game and it should work correctly

  3. Just realized same happened to me after last night playing normally.


    You can use giveyourselfxp command and skill books to get to approximately where you were before ( from what you remember )

    Next start don't use refresh or pre-sync in launcher.


    Yup, same thing here. Looks like a bug with the latest update. How do you give yourself the class quests? Just spawn the book?

  4. Is there a way to unlock Yeah Science! without taking the scientist class? I'm level 50, have a ton of mod schematics but can't make them since I didn't take scientist and so don't have Yeah Science! which looks like it's required to make even lvl 1 schematics.


    Related question: to make a class book, is the only way to hunt for libraries, scrap books and make a book?

  5. Thanks KGB! One more question - looks like I have a bug, started my game using the launcher this morning and noticed two issues , not sure if it refreshed with the latest version of the mod (which you said would release tomorrow) or my current version got a bug somehow. Log file is at https://pastebin.com/RMMfcPCb :

    1. No time on the map. Yesterday I could see the current time when I bring up the map.

    2. Loot was working fine, then my inventory filled up, and after I freed up a slot there is no more loot anywhere. I'm opening crates, opening fresh bird nests, garbage etc. No loot at all, everything is coming up empty. Tried restarting the game, still the same issues.


    Did I get the new mod somehow and got new bugs, is this fixable?

  6. Corrupted game?


    I'm trying to join my friend's game that was working fine before. I am getting this message:

    "Exception:Class BlockPlantGrowingWithWater Mods not found on block cropsGrowingMaster" and other errors. (See attached pic). After this, my friend also had issues with his game, he can log in but the traders are closed. Is there any way to recover this game?



  7. Can't launch new game


    I just installed this mod using the mod launcher, running 17.1. When I try to start a new game I get the following error "Unable to open archive file c:/7D2D/Alpha17/Darkness_Falls/7DaystoDie_Data/../Data/Bundles/workstations.unity3d"

    I checked that folder and that file does not exist there. Any idea what i'm doing wrong? I've deleted all mods, wiped the mod folder and tried installing it several times including pre-synccing the mod but I'm getting the same error. Screenshot attached with errors as well


  8. Do you know if they are even working on an A17 update or is the mod dead? I loved the amount of materials you get as it's hard to get a huge construction project going with vanilla as it takes so long (and is so painful) to get a stash of materials to build with. WTB HD Auger!

  9. Gas Cylinder Crafting?


    hey guys


    I crafted the gas barrel, moonshine still, but I can't figure out how to craft the gas cylinder. I have the parts, but where do I craft it? I've tried backpack, workbench, forge, big forge, none of them give me the Craft <w> button.

    Also, how long does it take for it to fill a gas cylinder in the biogas digester?



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