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  1. @Squall94 I have lvl 5 Dead Eye, but the tank rifle is still locked, any tips on what I may be doing wrong?
  2. Is there a discord for this mod, and are there any active servers available for a new player?
  3. Any word on whether we can expect an alpha of the mod to test soon, pleaseee..
  4. A behemoth found my base when I was lvl 6, after dying 6 times, I managed to lure/train it to my trader where the guards took care of it.
  5. What do you mean "no loot between levels". I've seen this bug twice where I could not get loot from any box but after a while it resolved itself and I can't figure out what I did to resolve it. Does leveling fix it? Going crazy and paranoid trying to figure out what triggers it and what fixes it.
  6. I had this same issue, it was resolved with the latest update. Update your game and it should work correctly
  7. Also someone replied earlier that they had to pick up and put down the advanced forge again to get it to work after the update, try that?
  8. Yup, same thing here. Looks like a bug with the latest update. How do you give yourself the class quests? Just spawn the book?
  9. Is there a way to unlock Yeah Science! without taking the scientist class? I'm level 50, have a ton of mod schematics but can't make them since I didn't take scientist and so don't have Yeah Science! which looks like it's required to make even lvl 1 schematics. Related question: to make a class book, is the only way to hunt for libraries, scrap books and make a book?
  10. 1. Was time removed today? I know that getting a watch is the right way to do it, just wondering how it worked on the map until this morning. EDIT: Just saw your patch notes KGB, never mind this question, I see it was removed. 2. Any suggestions on things to try? Exiting the game and coming back didn't fix it.
  11. Thanks KGB! One more question - looks like I have a bug, started my game using the launcher this morning and noticed two issues , not sure if it refreshed with the latest version of the mod (which you said would release tomorrow) or my current version got a bug somehow. Log file is at https://pastebin.com/RMMfcPCb : 1. No time on the map. Yesterday I could see the current time when I bring up the map. 2. Loot was working fine, then my inventory filled up, and after I freed up a slot there is no more loot anywhere. I'm opening crates, opening fresh bird nests, garbage etc. No loot at all, everything is coming up empty. Tried restarting the game, still the same issues. Did I get the new mod somehow and got new bugs, is this fixable?
  12. Just got the "Bikes for dumb♥♥♥♥s" book, does that just unlock bicycles or minibikes? If it's just bicycles I already unlocked it so I'll scrap the book to get more class papers, otherwise if it's minibikes, then YAY!
  13. Corrupted game? I'm trying to join my friend's game that was working fine before. I am getting this message: "Exception:Class BlockPlantGrowingWithWater Mods not found on block cropsGrowingMaster" and other errors. (See attached pic). After this, my friend also had issues with his game, he can log in but the traders are closed. Is there any way to recover this game?
  14. Mod launcher version was, I did a check for update and it gave me and that fixed it, thank you so much for the pointer Sphereii!
  15. Pastbin is https://pastebin.com/R7QMfxbA Thanks for the quick reply!
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