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  1. Anyone know if we can fix the "jammed" storage box? They are everywhere seams like a waste to not be able to loot them
  2. Thanks for the info on the bow. What about the mining helmet? The Fkey isnt working on it and only it. F works for all other lights.
  3. P.S. Im about to break into the 3000 hr mark
  4. Its a new bow. Nothing is happening when i either hold or press the F key or R key. No radial for ammo type. Key bindings are the same. Im using 7d2d mod launcher. I was playing Ravenhearst first, then clicked and installed Darkness falls. Should i have refreshed 7d2d to its original state before installing a new mod?
  5. Im having issue with reloading a bow. When i hold down R it doesnt do anything. Also i have a mining helmet on and F doesnt work to turn it on. Any helf would be great!
  6. White Screen after loading I am seeing a white screen after i loaded the game. I can see the outlines to the xp bar and other items. I can pull up the map and see it perfectly, just cant see anything else.
  7. Having a issue where the game starts but its all whited out. I can see very little (boarders of xp bar). Also, the map comes up perfect. I havent had the mod working yet, just downloaded and installed with the 7d2d mod launcher.
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