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  1. Hi, may i ask your audio guy in your developer team if you plan to insert spatialized audio / sound to Alpha 20 or a later version? Ok it is only a thing when you play with headphones but it should be an option to activate. It will create much better immersion because you know exactly where to look if you hear a noise. Above / under , left or right, behind or in front of you - you can say where they are (zombies, animals), ... with closed eyes. I installed Unity just to play with that and it is very easy. I tried: Unity´s spatializer, Resonance Audio, Oculus Spatializer Plugin Steam Audio Spatializer. You don´t need soundreflections or ambisonics or things like that, just the spatializer. And then to make it "perfekt" bind the footsteps to the foots, the "Grrrrrrrr" to the head, the "swooshes and "swings" to the arm or hand and the "gibs" or hits to the collision coordinates - done. 😀 And a second thing i recognized is that u use "Linear Rolloff" instead of "Logarithmic Rolloff" in most of your "3D Sound Settings" for the creature sounds. That cause the unnatural sense of distance to the sound source. Please use "Logarithmic Rolloff" wether you go spatialized or not. How do you as community and as developer think about these? Regards Yoghira
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