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  1. 10% faster running with sports jacket I feel like some American high school senior?? :-)
  2. High performance running shoes and sports jacket on day 1 is well, ...about as close to Nirvana as im going to get!! Man, I feel like a human bicycle?! Stamina hardly drops! So, so so Sweeeeet FOR THE WIN!!
  3. You know, A18 got me addicted again. Like I was back at the start. 7 days CrAcK habit. ...and for me, i think its because of the intricate level development, loot chance of bps/books and the pois. Man, i was in some spooky hidden cult mortuary thing the other day. It bent my noodle a bit! GOOD CRACK TFPS!! God damn hooked again!!!
  4. If the behometh is gone, is there any intention to have a better base destroying Z? IMO Late days hordes should have more peril. I would love a zombie that has the power to quickly separate brick from mortar and destroy bases fast if not dealt with.
  5. Martial-Law


    The older the dog is the more meat you get when you cook it? Yes?
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