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  1. I like the Blighter and Hivemind ideas alot, was thinking of something similar myself, like if the cops exploded in a radiation cloud that buffed the zombies in the vicinity, giving them a damage and health buff of sorts. Was always against special infected zombies like the radiated ones and puking cops, always felt that the real danger should come from a large amount of zombies, but due to voxel world limitations, special zombies are a creative way of bringing danger to the player. For me nighttime lacks something at the moment. It does create a really spooky atmosphere, and it does tha
  2. Well, I've seen a few videos using the same mechanic that makes the zombies go in a loop using the ramps/slopes, like some kind of idea from the movie Inception, and I always expect they would just start to demolish the main tower the player is standing on but they always go back to the ramp after the jump and basically just move in circles. It just looks odd and unatural. Don't get me wrong, the new AI is absolutely fantastic, zombies behave so much better compared to A16, and I feel this ramp loop "exploit" is the last rock in the shoe on a road to a simply brilliant AI. I'm sure faatal
  3. Hope the AI will be further improved so this tactic with slopes isn't possible anymore. Imagine if zombies jumped on metal railings and held on to them. Now that would be a nice surprise. We need some new special infected .
  4. Lowering the resolution a couple of notches improved my fps from like 25 to 50, and I'm on an old system so it's worth a try.
  5. I said that exact thing a couple hundred pages back. Just doesn't seem "fluent" enough progression wise if you have to spend 6 points on a base stat just so you could buy 2 levels of a perk. I know they have to slow down progression somehow, but I think it would feel much better if, let's say, you leveled your strength by mining and running and such. Would feel more natural.
  6. Was wondering, will we get zombie wolves in future builds?
  7. This is the kind of horde night I'd like to see:
  8. In my opinion, horde night should be a constant struggle, if you don't fight them off, you are toast as is your base. No pasive bases to keep you safe while you enjoy the red scenery around you. Zombies AI is fantastic at this point, they shouldn't get "smarter" but stronger in hordes. If you have three or more zombies gathered at one point of your wall, the damage they do should be increased accordingly. As far as I know, something like this is allready in place, I just hope they increase the damage more. If you manage to kill off tougher zombies it still wouldn't matter as they'd chew
  9. You can't make zombies tougher than they are now. Sure, you can make them take more hits but where's the fun in zombie sponges? No matter how hard zombies hit and how fast they come back up or if they got different speeds of movement, walkers will always be easy to deal with. They can always surround you when indoors, but that depends more on the POI design. The only true threat are and always will be runners, but there's an option for that so everyone can enjoy what they like. I'd add massive amount of zombies as a threat, but I don't see this happening in a voxel world.
  10. Seeing as A17 has a ton of improvements I doubt he will go back to A16 just for the weapon parts, and I understand why it bothers him, noone likes to see a feature they like removed from the game, but I doubt they will ever consider bringing it back in, it just doesn't fit in anymore.
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