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  1. vedaire69

    No Traders (A18)

    the only issue I see with this mod is no traders no completing the series of tutorial quests cause you cant go to the trader to complete the final one which is a total of 3 or 4 perk points
  2. vedaire69

    Better Optics

    is anyone else havving issues getting the recipes to unlock for me no matter how many times i read the schematic the pso recipes dont unlock?
  3. vedaire69

    Simple UI Plus

    got it i like simple ui plus it has all the other mods i want and enjoy i was just hopping it was a semi easy thing to put those graphics into your ui since it is jsut the 2 bars and it looks like it uses a graphics file overlay of some sort but ahh well it was just an idea to pull pull my attention with the color switch in combat. Thank you for the help ps I was finally able to compare the 2 files and figured out what had to be changed to make it work i figured it would be a lot worse but only had to delete bout 3 lines and modify 2.
  4. vedaire69

    Simple UI Plus

    hud modding hi Stedman, Im curious I use simple ui plus and i was wondering you could explain tome how i can use the health stamina bars that valmod has in his hud as I like that kind of a display its easier for me to pay attention to if you could explain or someone could explain how i can change it to those please do as ive asked in other places and not sure who to really ask now. Thanks in advance, vvedaire69
  5. hud help hi sirillion i have an issue first im not good at modifying things well i can but gets a little confusing im using stedman simple ui plus but i really would like to have the valmod health and stamina section of the hud in this and i was wondering if someoen here might be able to explain to me what i need to modify to accomplish this it would be much appreciated. thanks in advance for any possible help just wish i was better at this stuff. I finally got it.
  6. vedaire69

    A16 Valmod Pack

    UI Mod change not sure if this is the right place to ask this but im using a combonation of valmod and simple ui plus what im wondering is i want to use the fuel gauge type bars for health and stamina from valmod but i have no idea what to change to accomplish that and was wondering if someone in here could kinda walk me through what files and lines i need to change to use those thank you, vedaire69 I finally got it took a little it though
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