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  1. ah, so what you see drop is also based on intellect, along with the quality that can be crafted? Or would there be something to do with player level that would increase what is dropped?
  2. So if I'm lucky enough, day 1 I could have 120 quality items?
  3. By bringing back the old quality system, is it going to be say 1-100 no mods, 101-200 1 mod, etc? Also, would say having a weapon that's 65, you get parts that make it 145, would it then open a mod slot or would mods slots just depend on when picked up? Would that also then make weapons way overpowered with the new mod system going with it too? It seems like you can get say a 400+ weapon with no mods be as strong as the current system now with a 6 and full mods. I'm guessing there's going to be a lot of balancing to go along with it too so it wouldn't be that way since mods were to take place of the old quality system with all the weapon stats. Figuring it would be smaller gains with higher quality than previously so that mods still take some kind of importance. Unless just replacing mods with gun parts and ridding mods all together? Just have to wait and see, I've enjoyed the mod in A16.4, with all the changes, curious to see what it'd be like now.
  4. I'm really curious about new perks that will be added. Seems like so much more can be done now.
  5. right right. that's why I was thinking that could have been the issue for the couple in the pack that are split. maybe they're supposed to be 2 prefabs having issues or something, dunno since I don't know anything beyond that, lol.
  6. i believe he built it in a way that it was all one, then split it, so they were together. to place it, he has to spawn them in while in-game. It was the guy in the dev forum that built the aircraft carrier.
  7. Ah, okay. That makes me feel better knowing I can still keep my random amounts for now. I know on another forum, a guy was making a POI and he had this issue because it had to be 2 chunks for it to load correctly. By keeping it 1 chunk, it never would load in because no matter where you were, the whole POI was never in the range to load it out of the "background". So he had to make it into 2 pieces. It worked from there, though it is also so big, that it doesn't work with the rwgmixer and had to place it in once he creates his server for his friends.
  8. So, I dropped the scale of mountains to 100, changed the random wilderness to 30,40. And well, right when I loaded in, I saw this: The land next to it was relatively flat: ...did some digging, realized it was to be Wulftown, but cut in half. So I'm guessing this is in 2 chunks. If so, was the 2nd one not dropped in because it wasn't flat enough? Too close to another POI because of me doubling the amount of POIs in a wilderness cell? Just unlucky? Lol, I'm just curious since I've never seen that before since I've never actually had these extra POIs before.
  9. That is awesome. I need to take pictures of this and keep it in a file to look over when needed. You are awesome.
  10. so essentially, it's the paths that do not connect one town/city to another town/city. it's the paths that go off on their own, so it wouldn't include anything that spawns on the paths between towns/cities. Knowing that, may just do like 40,50. See how that looks. I need to find how large a cell is. That'll really tell me about how many POIs I'd want spawned... lol, time to go forum/google searching. So the only thing I found was someone saying "cell size is '1800'", but I've no idea where that is in the .xml or what that means. Is it diameter, radius, square area?
  11. I could see dropping the world size, increase the amount in wilderness. Is there a limit for the min? Reason I ask, if say I did 100 for min, would it be like perpetual POIs everywhere? Guess I also need to know what exactly wilderness means for the .xml
  12. I am looking at adding this to a server my friends and I play on. Now I understand that doing this will require server restart, fine enough. Thing is, we play Navezgane because of the small size. I just recently looked at how to make rwg smaller to be able to add this pack. However, by doing this, I'm guessing that I would lose a lot of these prefabs in the sense of not seeing them. Mainly, we didn't like rwg maps because many times there just seemed to be too many and too large of blank (no houses, POIs, etc) areas, so it bored us, a lot. So is there a way to make the generator be a bit more populated? I would keep it the normal size if it didn't feel so sparse. Or is there a reason not so much is loaded in? Then again, sounds like what I want would take too long to typically play until the new update once it makes it an actual file like Navezgane (A17).
  13. I don't have the Direct Download, but I do have the Refresh Mods Automatically, so I'll just also uncheck that. And it's not taking too long, I just was curious because how does it know if changes had been made without downloading the file unless it also checks either a changelog, file name, etc. that's on the site and not needed to be downloaded. I just didn't know. Also, since every time I hit play, it goes through the copying of files, so that threw me off too. But thank you for the info, I can keep using it without worries. Once I see a modder had put out a big update or something that affects my actual gameplay, then I'll have tell it to update.
  14. This probably has been asked already, but with the launcher, does it always download the mod every time you pre-sync? I'm wondering for data usage amount. I'd hate to be downloading say Ravenhearst (because I know it is so large) every time I hit play and it syncs up to make sure the most up to date is on it.
  15. Yeah, just happens the gore blocks with loot don't stack, and if one is already there, it just permanently disappears which is what happened to me. But I've also noticed with this mod and only with this mod (I've tried about 6 others), that sometimes even after a ragdoll down a hill, the gore block of loot appears where it got killed, not where it ended up. So I checked back there, and nothing.
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