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  1. Have to say, best story using this so far for me... My friend and I play on a dedicated server (for some reason "stable" A18.3 broke all that and the .bat won't even work any more, but besides that) and I have this mod. Of course it transfers to the server as well, and my friend plays 7DtD a lot, just doesn't have this mod himself. So, of course, in his games, everything wants to kill him. Well, on the server one time, a bear spawned right outside our base. With his graphics being low, you can't tell if it's a zombie bear or normal bear. But him not knowing of this mod (somehow he missed all t
  2. Hehe, follow the sound player made. I could see myself running up on a skyscraper with some 100 wolves cause they kept following me . I'm down with B & C. Would find it cool to track zombies (maybe a way to not track sleeping zombies though to keep some scare in it) and always see living on map. Maybe tracking sleeping zombies could be like say top lvl of said perk so those of us that wouldn't want to see them wouldn't have to? Would be cool if the zombie tracking could be based on sound, like when a sound is made and you are close enough, then it pops up for a little bit then goes away as
  3. I host a server for my friends as well, I've noticed the same. CPU runs high if I'm not in game, but once I jump in, it drops to nothing. It's been a little better with the A18 update at least.
  4. BTW, can you make these things know to not run into spikes... a wolf literally is just walking into them and destroyed about 100 of my spikes I had set up for zombies... screwed me over bad... they actually are targeting the spikes... update:: so i got around it by building a wall around my spikes. at least they don't target walls, lol.
  5. That's what I was thinking... so maybe it can be a perk, make it basically placed down like a bike or some such, then guard a certain area. could it basically just stay in a spot, if something comes within a 10 block range, it goes to attack, then after it is done, go back to where it was placed? have a bear that basically like a guardian for defense, wolf to do damage in said area as bear tanks the zombies (zombies go after bear as a higher priority), etc. I think that'd be an awesome "side pack" to go with this, hehe. Guard Pets for now. then expand as stuff changes. as for the husky, I f
  6. I've been curious since I saw a mod to summon a husky. Is it possible to have pets now? Maybe bear (go strength or fortitude, tanky), wolf (maybe for perception, avg stats), mountain lion (say agility cause stealthy, more atk, lower hp). Have it like a perk, so start weak at rank 1, stronger at rank 5, maybe add bleed or stuff as well. Of course make it like a craft-able idea (quality 1-5). I think it would be cool if you could have gear for it as well that could be crafted or found. I'd figure by making it work like mods would be best way for it to work. [*]Maybe have it also be an inve
  7. Hmmm, that's interesting. Seems odd that if you are trying to make it "stag" that it seems to mean "anything", lol. I would assume that it's a bug on their end, especially if they are still having issues with zombies fighting back if attacked by wildlife. Currently working on this to only have wolves and dire wolves friendly, everything else still hostile. More of wolves/humans vs everything (basically the same idea when wolves were first animal to be partners with humans to survive). Also, I found a mod that allows you to summon huskies as well, so got me thinking on if it's possible to
  8. I think the EXP 152 that was release a couple days ago fixed the issue of zombies not attacking back, at least that's what their patch note says.
  9. Oh, btw, how did you add the names for the animals? I'm thinking of doing that with all animals. Attach them to "The Huntsman". lvl 1, can also see rabbits. lvl 3, can see deer. lvl 5, can see zombie dogs. Of course zombie bears can be the 6th, but make that like lvl 6 and lock it behind say lvl 150. Since "The Huntsman" seems like it would also mean I can start tracking animals, it adds basically "tracking of animals" to it also...
  10. I may look into perks or some such saturday or sunday. Gotta love being at one side of the family today and tomorrow then the other monday and tuesday. Still trying to decide if i want to do any "work" sunday, lol.
  11. Check how the Charismatic Nature perk works, since that one has to do with entities. Maybe buffs are dealt with differently based on blocks vs entities. I could see that being a thing. Since the perk doesn't have an on/off state, well, other than once you get it, it makes it "true" so turns it on... maybe you could just make it a perk like "Animal Buffs", then each level unlocks new buffs like that Charismatic Nature works. That way it has the on/off system. Then level 1 gives you movement speed nearby, lvl 2 gives attr buff, etc.
  12. Wonder if there is a way to make it so when in radius, they run up to you and follow. But would need to limit that to 1 friendly at a time if adding the buffs. Also, i hope the mods work now for B233... in B231, every mod would break my game. I'd have 0 stam regen, running wouldn't use stam, only attacks, and all my slots were considered encumbered... hopefully that's fixed :/ - - - Updated - - - Also, there's a buffs.xml somewhere. i'm sure you can make a buff there, then attach it to a friendly like you would attach the charismatic buff to yourself (the one from the perks). See how tha
  13. Update last night. Let's see what it's done... Seems like it's a lot rougher now food wise.
  14. Don't see it being hard to at least have the buffs work while in range. Just need to look at the buffs xml I saw. Then have to attach it to wolves/bears... hmmm.
  15. Or if you could find a pack, and get like a buff "Run with the Pack" and get like 200% move speed increase, hehe.
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