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  1. On 1/4/2022 at 12:41 AM, dcsobral said:

    I posted a bunch of seeds that were all flat, no cracks/crates/water. Some of them had massive cities in the snow and wasteland. What is it about them that you didn't like?

    Hey we did had a look and after consideration we voted for the " PalaeoceneCerography " but no idea how to get the actual seed. Again we are not evry techy or aware of the mechanisms involved. 

    To be honest we just want to have a map with Snow and wasteland are more than maybe 70% of the map, like to have a small forest area for starter, and tiny desert just to try it but then to move on snow and wasteland. 

    No water, all flat ( we cant be arsed to waste time to go around mountains and water just for the sake of it, as it is useless ).

    I am personally looking forward to see what they are going to do with A21 and water change, maybe some vehicules would be epic and new Zs, but mostly I cant wait for the armor sets ! 


    Thanks again for your time and replying, really appreciate it !!! Cheers.

  2. 36 minutes ago, JoeDaFrogman said:


    No offense, but if YOU gave up on making maps with no features, why would you think anyone else would want to stick to that?      

    If you only goal is to test the loot system per biome stuff, there are plenty of maps that let you do that easily including mine and Dan's that have a primary base location in/near Snow or wasteland.   You do know you can easily change the spawn points as well to put you where ever you want to spawn, including having only a singular spawn right?

    Dan is using one of my spawns and moved to the Snow after, I want to say day 4 or so in his playthrough(BihariScientology) because it had the best rating.   BrachyurousDo-it-yourselfer has a high group of forest cities with a wasteland city nearby and the best base location in the wasteland and there are plenty of other examples. 


    Sorry buddy if that did offended you in some ways, but we are not that much into it to know what or even how to do it, we touched base a bit with Nitrogen about 2 years ago but that about as far as how techy we can be. Now we just wanna try that new version as it does look appealing and changing the game, again to be honest I was thrilled for the armor sets but alas they arent there so nothing much for me, but we are a group of 4 to 6 IRLs friends that plays the game and wanna try this version. 


    Again no idea about what maps you have set up, I read the post until that 5th page, yet again diddnt understand how to get the info, I logged into a google page but didnt understand so went away.


    If that aint complicated I ll touch base with some of my friends so they can have a look and see if they get it, if not, no bnother we ll figure it out ourselves. 

    We prefer to use the 7D2D modlauncher as it does everything you dont have to know how to do stuff like change spawns as you mentionned, it is straight forward and that is just what we need, not to spend hours on tutorials on how to do this and that, just play the game :) 


    Thanks for your reply, again sorry if that offended your gamer persona but it was not intended. 

    Have a Great Day ! 

  3. Hey guys, anyone has a map seed (not map name :)) with all flat no mountains, no cracks/craters, no water, and like maybe one small forest area 10% just enough for small city, small desert 10% (same as forest) and then snown and wasteland taking the rest roughtly equally ? We wanna test the new loot system and quickly move from starting area to what sound to be now mid/end game biome snow and wasteland! We tried a couple of time with the ingame map generator but can choose how much of each biomes you get so, no luck there so far. If you have a couple even if it is no same ratio if that is flat, we could give it a try run, cheers ! ;) Happy New Year to All !

  4. Dunno what that is, and I am working so my question was just in case I didnt see a post in those 160 pages, and yet again it was only a fair question with no animosity, to the contrary just inquisitive.


    But thanks for your reply I guess, and have a Great Day.

  5. No news about 5.3 ? its been days now weeks we see streamers going on test servers and still not even a post or a peep. I dont mean to be rude but just to have some followup or feedback about whats happening about a Mod that I love :)

  6. Trader vulnarable ?!?


    Is this true that in this mod you put traders vulnerable ? it doesnt appear to have any upside as waste more time to devote resources to defend the compound as there is no game mechanics yet to be able to upgrade defences on them , like for example upgrade to Defence Tiers per ratio of money spend (ex : Tier 1 spikes, Tiers 3 log spikes, Tier 5 guards, Tier 10 turrets)

    It seems, to me, that the all good stuff taken from other mods and players ideas of this great community was lowered down by that game option. Maybe it would be great, to add, like the BBM, an option for traders as Vanilla for some players like myself that does NOT want to spend game time/resources/waste time (going back and forth to all traders to build defences), just to make sure they are fine ! But that only my opinion, a rule of thumb in the marketing world is that if you offer a new flavour, make sure you keep the original, always !

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