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  1. Would it be possible to at least patch the 2 main problems even if an update for the console isnt in near future? Memory overfill and crash problem. Have a manual and auto save function?
  2. SUGGESTION!!! If it is too expensive to fully port or update the console to the pc version, then why not Open the console versions to allow modding, but no re sale such as Fallout 4 did. Why? It'll help find talented people, restore some trust due to legal issues and make the game as fun as was originally intended.
  3. You are amazing!!! Thank you for helping me with this. I have spent 100s of hours trying to figure this out.
  4. First off, love this mod!!! Thank you for making it. Amazing work!!! Wish I could do this. Only difference I found is from v 2.11, I found the folder in 7dtd that matched folder in master zip and replaced one for one. Version 2.3 I couldnt locate the 7dtd server folder to replace.
  5. I downloaded the Server files zip from location of version 2.3 and have tried instructions as many diff ways as I could think of and doesnt work. I extracted all of server files from master zip to the 7dtd folders as instructed and get lots of red and yellow errors. I got version 2.11 server to work, but not new one. Insights? Any help would be appreciated.
  6. On the mod launcher for Darkness Falls Version 2.3, I am trying to get the mod launcher to download and create the Server files, but it says only choice is it will download the client. What am I missing? Help please!!!
  7. Summary: Land Claim Block Didnt Keep Sleepers from Spawning Version: A17.4 Platform: PC OS/Version: Windows Did you wipe old saves? Yes Did you start a new game? Yes Did you validate your files? Yes Are you using any mods? Allowed 2 Land Claim Blocks EAC on or off ? On Status: NEW Bug Description: POI with garage that has Metal Bridge attached to house with torch on it. Reproduce steps: cleared house of zombies, placed claim block, not all, but over half zombies re spawned. Was forced to wall up all spawn locations and cut out floors of spawn areas to even use it. Placed second block down next to original claim block, waiting to see.
  8. Windows Xbox1 Controller Issues Summary: (Xbox one Controller Issue Control Only After 1rst Speed Menu) Version: A17 Platform: (PC) OS/Version: Windows Did you wipe old saves? (Yes) Did you start a new game? (Yes) Did you validate your files? (Yes) Are you using any mods? (No) EAC on or off ?Off Status: NEW Bug Description:Windows 10, Xbox1 Controller for A17.3 B18, ONLY for initial control. Reproduce steps: When selecting skill points menu with xbox1 controls via windows 10, Left or Right Trigger does not control menu correctly. Example, If LT is chosen proper menu choice is not achieved and if RT is chosen, same happens
  9. A17 Problems Hopeful Changes I have the console version for xbox one and the pc. I believe the xbox version is 1.0.18. First off, I love this game and have more hours than any other game I own. Developers have done an amazing job so far, but still needs work. If you dont listen to fan base, they will disappear due to disappointment. Xbox version likes-- 1) Seeing leveling of tools and weapons feels like you were accomplishing a great feat. 2) Zombie Red Moons were survivable. 3) Zombie dogs were fast always keeping me on edge. 4) Modifying any structure was amazing. 5) Perk Charts were Structured Good. Xbox dislikes-- 1) Crystal Clear Vision Every Night After 11pm, but days were always fogged out and rainy. 2) After getting base set up with most of stuff, gets boring with no quests or other stuff to do PC Likes-- 1) Improved Perk Charts, Added Zombies, New Mods for Guns and Bows, New Bldgs and Locations, New Zombie behaviors and AI, Added traders but some have wrong voice. PC Dislikes-- 1) Zombies during red night destroy systematically every standing strong point meant to keep a bldg standing. 2) Zombies during non red nights do same thing. 3) To level a tool or weapon because it is perk only based leveling?? 4) Vulture attacked me inside a trader compund 5) Example-- Was on floor 2 of steel girder structure in city with claim block placed sitting near outer edge of structure so if zombies spotted me it wouldnt destroy bldg. Squatting, not moving, no torch, no light or sounds half of the bldg dropped and killed me. Examining damage in morning, each stilt of the bldg was destroyed for half the bldg. This means with each support being 6 squares apart, they annihilated 4 to 5 on each side. Xbox version they would only gather under you. 6) Example above seems to Make Base Building Irrelevant. Isnt this the Crafting, Survival Game? If I have no where to put my items when my lack is full, then what is the point?? Improvement Ideas-- 1) Don't have zombies target structure legs only 2) Speed dogs back up (annoying as they were, it kept me scared and looking/listening when on ground. 3) Zombies need to mutate after a certain amount of days. Why?? A player can set up a base completely in roughly 20 to 40 days depending on difficulty settings. After that there is only quests, digging and maybe driving or crafting of bullet stocks. If zombies mutate, meaning a spider can crawl up anything, but not if there is a 1 block perimeter on outside of bldg. If they can do something new a player hasn't seen, the longevity of play goes insanely long. Make zombies jump like they do in A17, this allowed zombies to climb my ladders that I would destroy bottom rung on. So I would put a hatch in top of every ladder to stop them even though they could climb ladders. Due to being sometimes a 6 block tall zombie moving ladder because they could stand in each others heads made it crazy. This isn't a bashing session, I love the game mkre than any I own and would love to see it adapt to players want and needs to some extent.
  10. Looking to Join Other Players Tons of experience, look gorwars to annhilating zombies with teams of others. Will start from scratch, join existing, whatever. ShadowStryder41 is my is, message me if interested.
  11. Seeking other players!!! ShadowStryder41 is me. If interested, add me as friend and look forward to annihilating zombie hordes with ya. Have headset and like hardcore or relaxed players. Have a few worlds with a base created from prefab prison, another in major city parking garage.
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