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  1. The only Honey I've found so far has been from Zombie Loot Bags, I believe. One of my Quest Rewards earlier today was 2 x Antibiotics. But I also haven't been infected yet either. I'm sure I saw some bee hives in farm POIs earlier. Maybe if you break them open you'll get Honey hopefully.
  2. Anyone else having performance degrade after a couple of hours or so of play? I'm mostly around the city biome which runs smooth up until that point, 60 - 90FPS. Then suddenly I go down to 30 - 40FPS if I'm looking towards the city. (which previously wouldn't drop my FPS at all) It may be weather related I guess? Never had sudden drops in previous versions unless it was a crazy Blood Moon. i5-9600K, GTX 1660 Ti, 16GB RAM
  3. I think we should skip past A21 and go straight for A22. That's a common tactic these days to make anything sound better. Possible bug: I can't click on anything in the crafting menu sometimes. May be due to ALT-TABbing around my windows. It shows as if I'm typing in the search bar but I'm not even trying to. Fixes if I reload back in.
  4. Making food hard to come by even with farming is an improvement. But with everything, should be customizable for the more casual players, I guess.
  5. I feel like changing their clothing wouldn't be so bad. The general appearance of the zombies would remain mostly the same, just they would be wearing the latest top fashionable brands - dressed to impress while breaking into your base.
  6. Hey KhaineGB, love the Darkness Falls conversation mod and have played with it for years now. I'm just wondering what your plans are with Alpha 20? How long does it usually take to port what you have over so that it'll work on the latest Alpha? Will you be waiting for Stable A20?
  7. Surely we're close enough to get exact dates by now?
  8. ...and how does releasing the update to everyone at the same time suddenly cut off streamers getting their viewers and TFP getting their new customers? A large chunk of these viewers the streamers will get are just game owners eagerly awaiting the release they're being forced to wait longer for. They can't buy the game again unless it's to give to friends and family. But you don't need a Streamer Event for proud game owners to already do that. Everyone is right when they say "it's only a few days". But there's this brainless divide being put between the playerbase - where streamers with 5000+ subscribers (that's the requirement, if I recall correctly?) are basically getting treated like royalty in comparison to the regular old players who, in most cases, care more about the game and its future. "Hey we know you love our game but we're going to give this random person with lots of subscribers/followers on Twitch an even Earlier Access copy! We know you will understand, it's only a few days after all haha." This Streamer Event practice will be harshly defended; but that still doesn't make it right. A universal release won't hurt streamers and will still attract plenty of new customers to ensure the future of 7 Days to Die.
  9. What's annoying is that Streamers get the game before the players do. I wish they would do away with that nonsense. Especially since we have to wait so long for patches in the first place - it's been well over a year now since A19 released. A universal release for everyone would make much more sense. I'm sure the majority of the player base don't even care about Twitch.
  10. That by far has to be the worst comment I've ever read while lurking the 7D2D forums.
  11. Just registered to show my support! The mod looks and sounds amazing, well done!
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