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  1. Alright, thank for the fast response!
  2. Oh, so it's "on for everyone or off for everyone" and can't be toggled per-person? Damn.
  3. Excuse me, I have a friend that is asking if there's a way to turn off HP bars clientside. Is it possible to do that and still have him play with me and my other friends, or do we all have to edit the files?
  4. Just got back from vacation, I'll try it without other modlets, except for Firearms2. Love that too much. xP Thanks for the response!
  5. So, how compatible is this mod and other Modlets? I have a few modlets installed, including: Firearms 2 Ragsy's Find Bicycles Ragsy's Useful Tires Ragsy's Realistic Meat Xajar Arrow Recipies Xajar Brass Knobs from Doors Xajar Death Debuff Timer Xajar Faster Vehicle Speed Xajar Flagstone Frames Xajar Mod Tweaks Xajar Trader Daily Restock Xajar Wandering Horde Size Xajar Water Refill Quality Effectiveness Bonuses Reduced Stamina Usage by Quality Level Do any of these sound like they'd cause conflicts, or would Darkness Falls nestle nicely into these mods?
  6. Excuse me, are these updated to 17.2? I want to be sure. EDIT: Just letting people know, as far as I have tested it seems it is compatible with Alpha 17.2
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