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  1. Blizzard: Day 20 is out NOW!!! HORDE NIGHT is tomorrow and it's nuts! Stay tuned to the channel - LIKE and SUBSCRIBE so you don't miss it!
  2. Blizzard: Day 18 is out NOW! There are no days off in Blizzard. Nuklehed head clears a military base, finds some drops, and drops a POI. Shot a monkey in the nards too (see cover image). Enjoy!
  3. Blizzard: Day 17 is out NOW!!! Watch it or I'll drop this zombie. Sub too!
  4. Blizzard: Day 16 | 7 Days to Die Alpha 19.1 Gameplay Series Nuklehed steals more money - as long as that check clears - from Pop-n-pills. Thanks to them for sponsoring this episode. Nuklehed completed the Crack-a-book POI and looks awesome doing it on his new ride. Minibikes need not apply.
  5. Cakemate (Calamity) joins Nuklehed for the 64x horde night series finale! One more night in Brain Damaged with the multiplayer zombie multiplier to ensure chaotic mayhem. Can Nuklehed's little horde base handle the horde he never got to see?
  6. Today we had to fix customer service with a branch of Nuklehed Bank. The employees stopped responding to emails, customers were getting ornery, and satisfaction scores were tanking. No worries, Nuklehed, the President of Nuklehed Bank himself, trudged through the snow to set things straight and clean out the vault, twice.
  7. This series is now backed up with music and has been sped up to make them faster and more fun to watch. Enjoy!
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