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  1. not sure if it has been asked before but will the blue tarp that gives you cobblestone rocks ever give more than 35? It doesn't seem to matter how high you are in mother load either still gives the same 35 cobble.
  2. Love the look of the new dog model, looking forward to seeing more of A20. Keep up the awesome work guys
  3. why is it if i make a world completely wasteland i always get NO Trader Found? And is there any way to fix it
  4. Seems with the newer update arrows don't show at all when loaded in bows
  5. Does anyone that play's MP have a problem that the non host doesn't seem to get infections/abrasions etc? My husband hosts not on a server, and i have not once been infected etc but he get's them quite often when getting hit. I have been hit heaps of times and gotten nothing?
  6. Hope to see an update to your mods for 19, love the extra seat to vehicles
  7. I play with my husband and we don't have too much trouble with food. Early on it can be tough but that is what makes the game interesting. I love getting into cooking and making up what i harvest from the gardens. Looking forward to seeing the new foods.
  8. I like the canned food, helps out early on until you can get cooking some stuff. I always save up the can's of sham to make chowder. Can't wait to see the new recipes and what the new foods are like.
  9. Looking really good, loving the beautiful colours coming through. Can't wait to get my hands on A19!!
  10. Love the new Cement mixer look. Can't wait to see in game how it all looks
  11. I can't wait to see this, I may end up spending too much time just watching them face plant lol. Loving all that is coming and can't wait to get in and play!
  12. I really like the new forum design, and having the option to go dark is perfect. The bright is way to much though, swear i went blind when i checked it out lol
  13. Loving the new look of the tree's. Can't wait to get in and play 19 everything is look so wonderful
  14. love the new club design, have no problem at all with it. The old one looked boring. Keep up the awesome work!
  15. Thank-you so very much, got it working the way i wanted Keep up the awesome work!
  16. I am new to using nitrogen and wondering how i get the biomes more like they are in Alpha18? As of now when i generate the world i only get little blotches of wasteland and burnt and tons of grass
  17. doing the workbench quests and everytime i have put down the electrician table i get nothing but null reference errors and have to force quite the game. Not sure if i am doing something wrong or there is a problem but kind of annoying
  18. any chance that we might get an update for 17.3?
  19. is there anyway we could get a slightly bigger backpack with this say maybe 72 instead of 60?
  20. anyone else having a problem with the longbow? You don't hold it properly and if you switch out to a tool or another weapon it looks like you are still holding an arrow. The only way i have found to fix it was to log back out and not use the longbow at all.
  21. Well maybe we can make lock picks like we can with repair kits, also with getting lock picking skill up means you don't break the lock picks as easy.
  22. Not sure if its been mentioned anywhere but would be really cool if we could get a lock picking skill so we can unlock doors and safes instead of having to make a ton of noise breaking into them.
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