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  1. You're playing an older save with the newest patch. That happens. Used to be glowing radiated pigs would show up.
  2. Big Caveats here: That is assuming no overlap in the volume creation. Which opens up a bunch of other questions for @Roland about sleepers. Has volume creation changed, with "sound" now activating other volumes? How does that work when creating Prefabs? Do you mean if a sleeper has been generated by tripping the volume it can awaken, or that sound can trip nearby volumes that haven't been activated? Volume creation has creators "loading" a volume with sleepers and the game picking a quantity depending on. A volume can have 30 placed sleepers, but only 1 or 2 load. Does that
  3. Was also in Ravenhearst a couple months before that
  4. Yeah, they can be finicky. Be careful if you let him hang around too long. He may gather more friends
  5. Thanks for your advise. The problem is due to the old file which Git mistakenly replaced having quest rewards that are no longer in the game. If the quest is already received, there's no way to change it in your character file except to abandon the quest and take a new one.
  6. A fix is in place, Khaine. You'll need to resynch and, unfortunately, start a new game
  7. Those Nightmares will no longer be in the game come RH4. We've come up with a whole new batch to terrify you, with less annoying noises!
  8. Wait.. What? That's not part of the mod. That I know of...
  9. Heh, that's funny. That was a bug before the patch that was supposed to be fixed with the patch!
  10. Nope. Just break them or pull them up with the land claim block - - - Updated - - - Elevators are one direction only. That's what hay bales are for. See the Skyline Diner tower as an example.
  11. I passed this along to the devs. They're aware and hopefully this'll get adjusted in the coming patch!
  12. Check your skills list. I believe it's in tools. There should be a skill you can unlock to build better storage. But in the beginning, you're stuck with cardboard boxes and grabbing storage items in the world. Jax mentioned he would not be letting that happen in any version. Considers it too exploity.
  13. It's possible. A lot of the processing would happen on server side. Only way to tell is to give it a try!
  14. Interesting .. you -should- get a starter axe as you step through the beginner quests. Maybe you lost it on your first body?
  15. Hmm.. I did notice one thing while watching Grum's stream. The newer zombie models don't have the stagger effects when they are being hit.
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