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  1. Yup, using it. But in the large version works great.
  2. Ok, i got it for the traders. But do you see my pain for the other issue: And for the first option before that i got 2 generations where was no snow. So 0% of the map. So the small and medium settings for the snow are a bit low compared to the desert settings, that are great.
  3. Hello, i noticed 2 little bugs: the medium and the increased traders option is the same: only gives a max 14 traders/8k map. And the snow biome small and medium is the same to. So basically only 2 options: Small snow or many.
  4. It happened to me after an automatic server restart. I do not know if it does on a regular basis, or just some times. And thank you too.
  5. Hello. I got some bugs with it for now. If i add a server restart, it do not brings the server back online if i close the "Online Players Window". But the discord announcement says the server is up and running... The discord messages not support central european characters for now like: "éáőúüó" All the other stuff for now works realy great. Maybe an auto start with windows option would be good as well, to not need to put shortcuts in Shell:StartUp . Keep up the good work mate.
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