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  1. Has anyone come up with a ramp that does not get destroyed when riding a vehicle over it?
  2. I'll see if I can reproduce it, but that scenario explains everything I know leading up to my chest and bedroll disappearing. I did not do a full wipe after b8 but did start a new map. Playing Navezgane, day 6. The chest had several items in it. I do have a tree farm accross the street from the building I've taken over. It has caused some FPS drop as well, but not sure if it would cause despawning issues. That is a bout all of the specifics I can think of.
  3. Has anyone had their chest and bedroll despawn on them? I have 4 chests down on top of a building. It appears while I was clearing out a POI not far away, my bedroll and the second to last chest I placed despawned (I placed a chest outside of the POI before clearing it). Is this a known issue or should I post a bug report?
  4. +1 - That gave me a chuckle - - - Updated - - - I live next door to a German. Maybe I should go over and see what he thinks.
  5. My thoughts on a fix: speed up their swing and reduce time between swings (probably most doable by TFP or a modder) - maybe add a lunge attack in your direction once they get close enough. If you try to skirt them too close to one side or the other, they lunge attack to the side you are on. In other words expand the danger zone around each zombie so you can't just run right by. I kind of go both ways on this topic though... Just staying open-minded. POIs offer plenty of opportunities that require you to stand and fight. Nothing like walking into a room and a zombie drops from a ledge between you and your escape route while 2 others break through the walls and the 2-3 sleepers on the ground wake up. Make the wrong move, you're dead.
  6. I agree with needing more life or death scenarios. I suggested months ago there should be more events, similar to screamers, where an action you make triggers a 360 horde. It could be falling a radio tower, car blowing up, too much chainsae/augers noise, etc. It caught some positive attention from some of TFP, but never saw the light of day unfortunately. POIs do help now with hidden zombies that jump/fall out at you and can catch you off guard, but not much in the way of outdoor activity. It sounds like your point is leading towards even more intelligent zombies that can cut off your maneuvering around them though, right? I would like to see that too. Makes fiddling around with zombies a bit more unforgiving. AI is getting better... maybe by Beta we'll have something like that.
  7. I get what you are saying. I've also seen plenty of zombie scenes where the injured person gets away and lives. It can go both ways, but good point. I plan on upping zombie speed as I near mid/end game to keep the challenge up a little. Maybe TFP will add more balance, maybe they won't. The more customization options they add though, the more each player can tweak the game to their liking so TFP are making leaps and bounds in the right direction IMHO.
  8. Just up the zombie run speed and you can easily create that scenario you described - fixed!
  9. Last night I jumped into my B8 game (now in B9) and started 1 hit falling trees lol. I got a bit excited, but now feel cheap... looks like a new map is in order.
  10. I think TFP are heading in the right direction, but on the wrong path with some things. I think books and progression by doing need to play a much bigger role in the game. Our players basically start out dumb and weak and I think the way they get smart and strong should be tied a little more to reality than it is now to make some parts of the game less gimmicky. Here is my idea: Stamina should be gained through things that truly build stamina - long, physical work! Running, mining, chopping, swimming, etc. Bring our little progression bars back and let us put in an honest day's hard work to build our stamina! Strength, like stamina, should be earned in ways that build strength - muscle tearing work! Mining, chopping, being encumbered, construction can all lead to sore muscles when you wake up the next day. Notice I did not mention running and swimming because those are more associated with stamina than building muscle. Likewise, encumbered and construction would build more strength so they are not in Stamina. Books are for learning and our character is dumb so he/she needs a lot of knowledge. A book for the forge, workbench, cement mixer, etc. should be needed to build these items. Same goes for tools and forged steel. Maybe with the forge comes the knowledge to make a very crude pick axe, shovel and something that resembles a fire axe (represented by levels). In the world you can find the schematics for an Iron fire axe (lvl 2), reinforced fire axe (lvl 3), steel fire axe (lvl 4), reinforced steel fire axe (lvl 5), and legendary fire axe (lvl 6). Same goes for all of the other tools... and cooking too (at least anything past the basic stuff). The big twist... You start out by picking a profession for your past life: Fireman, construction worker, veteran, cook, police officer, etc. Each profession comes with its own starter gear (lower level starter pack). I think Valmod did this in A16 which was a brilliant idea. Needing a book for just about everything means a TON of exploring is required and different books could be found in different areas of POIs like meds can be found in medicine cabinets and Poppin Pills. However, getting a small head start in different professions means a server's builders can get to building rather quick and miners can get to mining while hunters and vets have a leg up towards getting out and exploring. Sorry for the wall, but I wanted to get this idea out of my head before it slipped out of my ears. TFP, this should by no means be taken as an insult. I love what you've done with the game - like most I'm just sharing ideas that fit into my small world of what would be awesome.
  11. I grew up knowing that the as the hobo dinner. I had it as a kid in the stove courteous of mom's cooking, but the same recipe in a camp fire's coals is even better today than I remember from decades ago. The egg method, set an egg in a pixi/paper cup with water, put it near the hot coals and bring it to a boil. What remains is a great hard boild egg and half a cup - somewhat similar to the game, but you lose all of the glass. It would be nice if the details like this were added to the game, but something tells me TFP has never had a hobo dinner cooked by the coals lol.
  12. Thanks Guppy! With my limited skills, I think I can figure it out from here... It'll just take me 10 times longer than you mod-savvy peeps - haha.
  13. Can someone point me in the right direction to import a saved prefab into a map? I know how to import it to the test world, but I'd like to actually place it on a map... That is the point of being able to export right?
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