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  1. Summary: Tree spawning. Thats because you are using an old save, ty. - Twigg
  2. background: I like to play with stack size mod, backpack size mod, vehicle speed mod. I hate inventory management, I get 0 fun out of it so I try to maximize fun time with the game with those mods. Then to balance out the mods I avoid any zombie AI manipulation trickery and play on higher game difficulties. My Problem: Even with the mods I find myself wasting lots of time doing way to much inventory management, especially later in the game. Any suggestions? I know some games have auto sorting mods (subnautica) but that does not seem to exist here. Even if an unlimited backpack mod existed that would introduce more problems. Right now the best thing I can think of is writing a python script that uses image recognition to 'find' things in inventory then use the mouse and keyboard to move to the correct chest. But that seems like a lot of work.
  3. Haven’t played in about 2 years... Have some disappointments My first time playing in about a year and first time vanilla in about two years. Issues: 1# Was having an ok time, but I died to a stealth wolf because my hp was not recovering due to the grey bar, and game crashed after death and also crashes when I try to load my save. 2# After all this time why does my dude keep swinging his item even after I let go of the mouse? Wouldnt this be a single line of code to fix? 3# This stamina thing is kind of boring. Felt lot of my time was spent waiting on the bar to refill or shoving food down my mouth just so there would be a bar to refill. Not challenging, just slow. 4# I don't like the over encumbered system. I want to enjoy the fun parts of the game (looting, killing zomibes, exploring, leveling up, building a base, surviving hoardnight, etc)... Not managing my inventory. 5# Why is my dude dying of heat? I typed in 'weathersurvival off'.
  4. I personally find this game very easy (especially after a few in game weeks or even days). In fact I often even go outside on hoard nights and run around killing zombies to get max loot (doable once you get more stam). Or will purposely spawn in screamers and let them scream until they stop summoning. Or I will make it a point to build in a house instead of a secure location.... My problem with small inventories is not that it makes it harder (in a meaningful way), it just makes it more tedious. It means I need to spend more time doing inventory management, or building a random box to momentarily dump stuff, or more time in my base moving things around, and more time traveling back and forth just to move the inventory instead of doing all the fun stuff the game has to offer.... As long as its an optional feature, I don't see why not?
  5. Has any dev talked about making custom inventory size? With how popular the backpack mod is, im sure this would be appreciated. Editing xml and losing half your stuff can be annoying, or having to download third parity dll's (or even hoping one exist for the current version).
  6. My main feature request would being able to adjust your inventory size (even if its just a few preset sizes). Needing to edit files, mess around with some third party files and turn off EAC = not idea for such a small QoL change.
  7. My folder is: C:\7D2D Which I created, but it is still empty. When I right click on ravenheart it only gives me options for 'Add my mods' and 'delete this mods'. I use GitHUb, never had any issues with firewalls with them. Are there any manual steps to install the mod? As for folder selection... Personally I hate folderBrowserDialog, it reminds me of 1990. One trick is to use WindowsAPICodePack (I downloaded both WindowsAPICodePack-Core and WindowsAPICodePack-Shell with NuGet) Then you can just do this: using Microsoft.WindowsAPICodePack.Dialogs; CommonOpenFileDialog dialog = new CommonOpenFileDialog(); dialog.InitialDirectory = "C:\\Users"; dialog.IsFolderPicker = true; if (dialog.ShowDialog() == CommonFileDialogResult.Ok) { MessageBox.Show("You selected: " + dialog.FileName); }
  8. Not sure how this is supposed to work (youtube video is lagging). When I clicked on "7D2D Launcher" it would show me lots of mods, but they all had red X. I clicked on Load default per instructions, but it did not seem to do anything. I downloaded 7D2DLauncher.application and had the same issue. Launched the game, no mods applied. Now when I launch either of those apps it tells me 'starting splash screen' only. No other mods listed. Game still has no mods? I tried to verify the integrity of 7 days to die. No changes. On a side note... I do not know who this Rizzano guy is, but someone should tell him its completely not cool to use 'browse for folder' (and has not been cool for well over a decade). That competently and utterly stops people from being able to copy/paste paths.
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