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  1. agree, exept bottled water. if you boil murky piss (water) from toilet, it becomes botled water and that should not make you sick. bacon and eggs 3 days old makes you sick for sure.
  2. could it be like with turrets. you have choice to select me only or friends?
  3. probably not, since you can just start new game after death.
  4. you do not die=no xp penalty. you do not lose xp, if your bat or gun needs repairs.
  5. agree. specially more zeds in city streets. no need more in wild, but can be more in wild
  6. there could be few poi's with great amount of zeds. like hotel for example or movie theatre. this way everyone gets some fun.
  7. i like that you can open trailer doors, not breaking them every time. also the amount of zeds was bit too much in a17 when every trailer was minimum 3 zeds inside. so far i like, what i see
  8. you can hear the direction of sound long time. at least all a17 time. maybe even a16.4 , i can not remember. it is up to your headset and/or pc. i always can tell, where z breaking something or where wolf howls.
  9. clay soil is dirt. clay and dirt are the same now
  10. i had high mountain peak in desert, i dug tunnel through, hit iron, went down to bedrock in same area and got shale. usually iron is in upper parts and shale or other speciffic res in lower laiers.
  11. in a16.4 i used traders a lot, selling concrete blocks and buying stuff. i visited 4...8 traders twice a week. now, in a17.1, i rarely visit traders. in my last build i did not do single trader quest. i concentrated to base building. so far so good. i'm alive and doing well. in next build i may try more nomadic stile, do quests and build minibike or hog. i my die few times
  12. i play 120 min days too. day 23. i found lvl 6 pistol, lvl 5 shotgun, lvl 4 compound bow, several useful mods. so it is not broken, it is just rare. i tryed to go with minimal inteligence, but it is not possible for me. i need ability to craft certain things, specially ammo and traps. so my int is up to 8. can craft tier 5 stuff. i'm yet to make my first vehicle, still running so , playstyles are different. not too fast for me. i still have a lot of perks, i want to learn. my only cocern is: by looting poi's , reward versus effort going out of balance in higher levels. radiated and ferals are too common and reward is still same = some ammo and low lvl weapons. i went through post office, i looted 20 days earlier. several radiated spiders etc. loot was basicaly same as in first day. not game breaking, but it takes away some interest to loot, if i spend more time and ammo and still get same quality loot.
  13. also with food poisoning. does it kill? i took honey, goldenrod tea. antibiotics. still progressed. heath went down to 50 i maintained it with first aid bandages, but could not cure any way. just have to wait. we need information, how it works, guessing is not good enough.
  14. it makes sense, but as i sayd, it is very complex and i do not see, how to make it work in solo and mp at the same time. then i dry my cornbread in oven and store it in dry dark place in glass jar. it never spoils. i can eat it 10 years later. salted and smoked boar leg can be air dryed and stored in room temperature for months. if i have some knowledge, i can preserve food. so spoilage is still only very early game problem.
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