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  1. clay soil is dirt. clay and dirt are the same now
  2. i had high mountain peak in desert, i dug tunnel through, hit iron, went down to bedrock in same area and got shale. usually iron is in upper parts and shale or other speciffic res in lower laiers.
  3. in a16.4 i used traders a lot, selling concrete blocks and buying stuff. i visited 4...8 traders twice a week. now, in a17.1, i rarely visit traders. in my last build i did not do single trader quest. i concentrated to base building. so far so good. i'm alive and doing well. in next build i may try more nomadic stile, do quests and build minibike or hog. i my die few times
  4. i play 120 min days too. day 23. i found lvl 6 pistol, lvl 5 shotgun, lvl 4 compound bow, several useful mods. so it is not broken, it is just rare. i tryed to go with minimal inteligence, but it is not possible for me. i need ability to craft certain things, specially ammo and traps. so my int is up to 8. can craft tier 5 stuff. i'm yet to make my first vehicle, still running so , playstyles are different. not too fast for me. i still have a lot of perks, i want to learn. my only cocern is: by looting poi's , reward versus effort going out of balance in higher levels. radiated and fer
  5. also with food poisoning. does it kill? i took honey, goldenrod tea. antibiotics. still progressed. heath went down to 50 i maintained it with first aid bandages, but could not cure any way. just have to wait. we need information, how it works, guessing is not good enough.
  6. it makes sense, but as i sayd, it is very complex and i do not see, how to make it work in solo and mp at the same time. then i dry my cornbread in oven and store it in dry dark place in glass jar. it never spoils. i can eat it 10 years later. salted and smoked boar leg can be air dryed and stored in room temperature for months. if i have some knowledge, i can preserve food. so spoilage is still only very early game problem.
  7. foodspoilage is very comlex and hard to implement to make it work properly. game needs to know, if you eat older meet first to postpone timer or you ate fresh meat and timer goes on. even you do not know that. add here multyplayer problems. you kill stag and leave game. you log in and 2 weeks game time is gone, your meet is gone. and more problems comes with different biomes and storage options. i say no to food spoilage. we do not need food management game within game.
  8. i found one beaker in army camp. the one with concrete walls and secret bunker in it. about food, if you do as much mining as i do, you burn your food fast. i can eat 5 bacon and eggs every night
  9. now that https://prnt.sc/mcj7uo hold very well for first wave, too well, so i logged of and on to get new horde. new horde came from opposite side and started grinding through house. i managed to hold them off. i had few holes in second floor, covered with frames, so i shot them don. but i had no roof there and dead birds caused some bleeding. i used up all my good ammo and finished with stonearrows.
  10. that's what i am hoping. i try to minimize my need for intel tree and use cheap passive defense instead of high tec. but it seems impossible to play without having intel up in half way. at least in solo.
  11. happened to me in midweek mid day. just random thunder. i was jumping first, looking at day and time... cool scare now, here is my fort for next horde. i spent most of my time cathering res and not so much looting. gonna use compound bow, around 60 steel and 60 iron arrows, unlimited stonearrows. have backup pistol and ak47 with limited ammo. http://prntscr.com/mcj7uo i have some more projects in my mind, but for them i need to use creative mode, if it works, i may have another base for late game.
  12. yeah, find radio tower (plenty of them in rwg) perk in science 2 points and advanced engineering 2 points. find materials and repair transmitter. have reciever at your base. sometimes in normal time you hear music or someone talking about surviving. then suddenly horryfing cry or roaring and munching sounds. it may announce that trader bill or jill has new goods to sell.
  13. i have experimentals opted out. when 17.1 was out, i closed steam, then logged in again and when cliked to 7d2d it updated itself
  14. perhaps table is blocking your way. it seems to be higher than window level.
  15. in my opinion, exp gain is now (a17.1) quite well balanced, killing gives slightly faster xp, but not much. mining and building/upgrading gives pretty good xp too. skillwise, i would lower some level gates, but i can live with those right now, not gamebreaking. i would leave lvl 9and 10 attribute cost on 3 points, that is expencive enough. stamina gets pretty good, after lvl 30 or so with right points in right perks. water may be hard to get only in first day or 2, so i do not see any problem with hydration. that sayed, nobody expects solidarity. completly agree with that
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