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  1. Need help modding food and water values tried using set xpath this is what I've got, basically what I want to do is have food and water regenerate slowly rather than degrade. <set xpath="/entity_classes/entity_class[contains(@name, 'player')]/effect_group/passive_effect(@name, 'WaterChangeOT')/@operation">base_add</set> <set xpath="/entity_classes/entity_class[contains(@name, 'player')]/effect_group/passive_effect(@name, 'FoodChangeOT')/@operation">base_add</set> but debug says that "WaterChangeOT')/@operation has an invalid token" what did do wrong?
  2. Yeah I miss the old progression where you used a tool\weapon\skill to level proficiency in it, it gave a sense of investment in a certain playstyle, would love a way to to incorporate it into the new system like you rank up the primary skill\stat by using it then distribute the perk points to unique bonuses that enhance that skill.
  3. ran into a new problem following the posted tutorial, I believe it may be outdated as the example he makes references to a lootcontainer and the id parameter which I cannot find in the configs. the only lootcontainer I can find is in bundles\entities but the file is unreadable and the manifest isn't helping much either.
  4. Cool thanks for the heads up. Not having to restart the game entirely will save time.
  5. I was wondering if there was a way to modify a mod's xml file while the game was loaded similar to unity's playmode to see if it works, and how well or if it errors out without having to exit and relaunch the game to make a few tweaks. Is this possible and if so how would I go about it? also are there any online resources explaining xpath modding in an easy to follow fashion? I've tried reading the documentation portion of the files, and the XML.txt in the config folder but can't seem to wrap my head around it.
  6. thats the one I was refering to. now they don't even decompose they just pop out of existence.
  7. I think it would be better if the proficiency skills were kept around and maybe fed into the attributes like building built strength wearing armor maybe built up fortitude using a gun precision and so on, maybe replace some of the weapon proficiency perks or if you don't want to go around working up those skills have the ability to to invest perks in the attributes.
  8. I have yet to find loot on any zombies which makes fighting them impractical as they tear apart my base but dissapear shortly after killing them they don't even decompose likes the old system when you need to get rid of them or they would turn into gore piles that would attract more.
  9. but in the old system you could invest you skills in your proficiency all the same, I didn't care fore it too much as it amounted to "I just got a level I can either learn learn sexual tyrannosaur or use those points in construction tools that I'm going to get in a few salvage trips" also gaining skill in something you practice makes alot of sense thou they could have added other means to skill up armor like sprinting or prolonged usage of it. but ditching all of that for for a one choice per level and having to invest in attributes as well seems overly tedious work early game to get your player to a place where he can have a few perks that help him survive but that survivability is going to cost you proficiency in harvesting resources that you also need to survive.
  10. The new leveling system is pretty lackluster. I like the new stats and perks being tied to them but one point per level seems underwhelming for an accomplishment. A few ideas I had would be to bring back the old base proficiency system eg construction tools while having those define how effective you are with them and award more perk points per level but have the cost raise per rank so as not to get all the perks early on but still able to buy perks that will help you early on in the game.
  11. careful someone just might surprise you.
  12. a party of stags? you must have ate well.
  13. It's not only dogs. lots of animals eat their own feces we had a rabbit when I was a kid who did the same thing all the time, he would lay one hop backward and slurp it right back up.
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