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  1. Thank you for all the hard work, its modders like you that make games great! I am having a small problem and I apologize in advance if it is a user error. I downloaded the file from github....when i try to unzip it, i get an error message that it cant open as archive. I have attached a picture of the error message. Thank you for the help its much appreciated.
  2. I have this bug too. I play singleplayer and use Nitrogen. I read in another thread to us the "pois" command to make it go away. It works!! I do not know what that command actually does, when i use it it says pois disabled. But, I have not noticed anything unusual nor not working as it did before. The pois function exactly as they did before i used the command except no marble blocks everywhere. When you see the phantom blocks, open the console and type pois. Problem gone. I was ready to stop playing and wait for stable and now I can play again, try it.
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