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  1. If I wanted a real life style grindfest then I'd go play real life, but I don't so I play video games. The current system allows a more fluid gameplay experience. I actually like that there is no backstory or "magic computer wristband". I build the character I want and his story and why he progresses the way he does is all up to me. Honestly, if you have a problem with a game scrapping whole systems you should stay away from early access/alphas.
  2. Learning by doing was removed in A17 and TFP stated that they will not be going back to that system.
  3. My normal T5 clear is done with an auger, chainsaw, double junk turrets and an M60, so yes I've seen a screamer or 5.
  4. Can I get just a few from that HUGE list of games that are all doing things so great?
  5. Tried loading in to an existing game, got a failed to load biomes.xml error, when it finally loaded in to the world was spammed with NRs. Tried making a 4k random world, no issues generating the map, then when trying to load in to the world same failed to load and game never loaded.
  6. Hey nice mod! How exactly do you perform the transmutation ritual? Also the level 4 and 5 bits don't seem to be dropping unless there's a specific thing I'm supposed to be farming. Other than those two things, which may be my fault, it seems to be working perfectly.
  7. Interesting, after the update (using the mod launcher) the game took an extra long time initializing I was greeted with cacti in my base that was in the forest biome. Wandered around and was finding them everywhere. Looking in the distance all I see is desert biome but when I walk towards it, it would change into the correct forest area but still spawned in the cacti but also kept all the trees. Please keep up the great work with the mod, just posting this in case it means something. Not complaining as every bug gives me a reason to start a new game which is what I love the most in survival games lol
  8. Updating from previous version wiped all my quests and stats. Reset back to level 1, wiped any spent/earned perks and attributes, and removed any active and completed quests. Kept all my gear and the world seems to be in the same state as it was last time I logged out. Used my usual start up: Mod launcher -> pre sync -> play mod -> continue -> start. Didn't change any settings from what I was using previously. Have had persistent profiles on since starting the mod.
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