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  1. Wrong. Go back and re-read what he posted about "not checking in detail." Hint - it's the licensing... It's clear you don't understand the risks Alloc and others are pointing out, and it's also clear that you are idealoging for whatever reasons. I'm 100% in agreement with Alloc and Xyth on this. When Prisma's code injects a rootkit onto your server, just remember - you were warned. -A
  2. Wow. Forums still look like garbage. Please hire a web developer to make the forums look decent... -A
  3. Love the city biome news! I recognize that you have made your decisions, and I respect that. I respectfully disagree that they improved the game, because they took away meaningful choices. None of the things I listed were due to nostalgia. For example, skins -> leather required at least a book and (maybe? memory is fuzzy) a tanning rack. Meaning you had to scavenge, fight/hunt, and craft. If I have to craft sticks, or sharp rocks, or whatever base usable material, I can't craft anything else at that moment. Time is the most precious resource in a survival game, and in earlier alphas you were making good use of forcing the player to choose how to spend their time. Not so much now. OK, so you pulled unique meats until you come up with a firm design for food. I'm down with that - I wish I'd known that when you guys pulled it, just so I wasn't thinking it was a nerf. Agree 100% that simplicity is a useful tool. Not trying to rabble rouse - just trying to explain my viewpoint which I know is shared by a number of other "olde tymers" -A
  4. The "difficulty" people are talking about isn't 1000hp zombies; it's the complexity of the game. Meta-difficulty. Removing things like sticks, or bear meat; requiring you to convert hides to leather before you can use the leather; city biomes packed with cops and dogs. These aren't difficulties you can change in the options menu. They are difficulties that come from game design mechanics, which force the player to make decisions about how to spend their resources and energy. That's what's been taken away. Contrary to what MM believes, simplicity in a game is NOT always a good thing. -A
  5. I think they chose the nickname for themselves. So the story goes... -A
  6. You think *THIS* is Stallionsden ranting? Pffff... this is the kindler, gentler Stall. Besides, everyone has the privilege to post their feedback on the game... -A
  7. Daw! Whoever's said you don't listen to the forum is clearly mistaken - obviously you were taking notes when TSBX said: Great idea! (IIRC, it was originally posted in the dev diary and shortly after that got Rolanded) -A
  8. EVE Online has handled a lot of PVP issues in interesting ways; you may want to look into their game mechanics Gazz. Mind you, CCP is handling 15-40k users online all at once in one "universe" so it has vastly different scope and scaling than what 7DTD does. But here are some highlights which may (or may not) encourage you to investigate further. 1. They have designated zones where non-consensual pvp has severe repercussions to the aggressor. If you attack someone in one of these areas (high-sec) you are obliterated by the NPC police and lose faction standing. No where is truly safe, but there are consequences for breaking the law. 2. At the other end of the spectrum they have zones where it's lawless (null-sec) or the law is established by the local community players who have control of those zones. No game mechanics exist for consequences to unsolicited aggression in these areas. 3. They are able to significantly mitigate old player vs. new player skill discrepancies through increasing skill by time as opposed to activity. Meaning a player who chooses to start training "Sniper Rifles" right out of the gate can be at max effectiveness with it after a given period of time has passed no matter what they do or don't do. The only advantage older characters have over newer ones is breadth of skills and accumulation of stuff. With that said, this forces new characters to specialize into niche roles (scout, e-war pilot, etc.) which doesn't exist in 7DTD. 4. Regarding bases, they have implemented a cool down period where after a base has been almost knocked out it becomes invulnerable for 24 hours. This gives the defender time to muster forces and prepare for a defensive siege or counter attack. After the timer has expired, the attackers can continue destroying the base. (Note - it's been awhile since I last played EVE, so the mechanics may have changed since then...) -A
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