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  1. For us that dont use the ModLauncher, where do we get the files for this MOD ?? Would like to try it out :-)
  2. I just DL 3.1.2 and where do i find the localization.xml file ?? Can only find a localization.txt file in the Config folder ???
  3. Where can i DL the hotfix 3.1.1, so i can add it to my server ?? I dont use the launcher :-)
  4. It was an 'error 40' ;-) Had started the game 2 times, so was playing 1 game and in the background was running a second 7D2D that blocked the game from using those files :-D
  5. i get an error called UnauthorizedAccessException: Access to the path ''C:\windows\system32\AudioLog.txt'' is denied I can just hit exit and play on, but it is a bit annoying. I have also checked the path and there is no file called AudioLog.txt in that libary edit: made a total search on my pc and there is no file called AudioLog.txt
  6. Your suggestions are only making it easy and we dont want easy ;-)
  7. Please stop, just please stop....im getting long and hairy balls of all your bitching Let me tell you one thing you seems to have forgotten... ITS A GAME !!!! Its not rl, for crying out loud, and if we ever get a place in time where zombies walk the steets, then im glad JaxTeller718 didn't write the script for it since that would be to hard ;-) Please understand that everything made in this mod is made to make it harder, so if you cant cook noodles but can do other stuff, its because you have to starve for the beginning and really look for food, and the reason you cant make arrowsheads of iron is because its to be hard and not like main game where we all have max lvl tools and gun around day 7 to 8 and get bored at day 12 when we build our minibike. And yes, there is stuff in this mod i find stupid or annoying to, but then change it or go find another mod if it annoys to much. please dont keep coming back to this forum and think just because you you type 'Constructive Criticism' to start with it ppl want to hear about it. So for the love of god, stop...stop...my balls are getting to a length where i get blue toenails if i drop my underwear from reading 'Constructive Criticism' that is comparing the MOD to RL stuff. Thx for letting me blow out some steam ;-)
  8. @JaxTeller718: Thx for the info, keep up the good work :-)
  9. I dont use the Launcher as it fooks up my computer, so where do i find the hotfix so i can upload it on my server ?? :-)
  10. Ok, did think it was something like that, but was hoping :-) Feeling like a child before X-mas :-D
  11. I see on the web that 3.0 is up, so when will we get a link to the DL :-) ??
  12. guess my base building have to go on hold, while i hit the town :-)
  13. Day 175 and havn't found calipers or sewing kit....... (saw sewing kit at trader at day 5, but couldn't afford it) Where do i find those ???
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