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  1. Steam name: Cazmyr Hours played: 7490 Started on Alpha: 1 Discord name: Cazmyr Native language: English
  2. I would agree with some of the names being thrown out to watch. Would also like to add one. Cap00 - EASILY rated 'G'. Especially in the context of 7DtD. Very informative and excellent builder. Games4Kickz - Very fun and energetic. Says 'Ballz' a lot, but he developed this because he has a daughter and did not want to cuss. Also an excellent builder. The new one I would like to add it: Glock9 - Very clean and calculating. I have not noticed him having a bad mouth at all. Another excellent builder.
  3. Yes, that what I meant by 'Cross Country"
  4. LOL I am sitting here picturing in my head all the shopping carts (trolleys) that barely roll on the flat, smooth surface of the store floor. I can not IMAGINE the horror of trying to roll one down the street/ cross country during a zombie apocalypse. I think the issue in game was item location as it related to lag and how the server sees separate, but connected entities.
  5. That is awesome! Those would be sweet under all the roads.
  6. All good Was just giving you a hard time. All in good fun.
  7. Speeding tickets?! Did you not get the reference? Even after I gave you who said it?! Fear leads to anger Anger leads to hate Hate leads to suffering..... Maybe I am just.....naw I am a geek.
  8. SPEAK IT YODA! Tell us what anger leads to!
  9. Sure this is just a translating error, but they are Doberman pinschers, not Dover-man pincers. I am sure the men of Dover are very nice and have hands like the rest of us
  10. My take would be parkour would enable you to jump farther. The 0 parkour player and zombie should jump the same.
  11. I do hope the zombies can jump as far as we can. It would kill the ramp entrances to bases where the player can jump and the zombie can't. I think that would be a very good thing.
  12. Faatal said that the blocks calculate their Structural Integrity on their own. So there are no 'physics' acting on the blocks as such. But the calculations to relate to a connection to Bedrock. And if there is a cave that connection is broken and the structure above is at risk of collapse.
  13. Thank you for the awesome response Roland! That makes me think that engine mods, armor mods, and who knows what else are what would come for them. Am very excited for a17 and patiently await its arrival! I know it is going to be a whole new game and SO worth the wait! Thank you and the devs for all that you do! - - - Updated - - - Thank you! I am glad you like it! And trust me I have spread sheets for my spread sheets! lol I totally get it!
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