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  1. Steam name: Cazmyr Hours played: 7490 Started on Alpha: 1 Discord name: Cazmyr Native language: English
  2. Love the new pic MM. Really looking forward to playing tonight!
  3. Im sorry to be a fuddy duddy....don't mind me, but it is concerning to me that you are currently at school and yet posting here 3-4 times per page. I know school is boring, but .....dude. - - - Updated - - - Happy Birthday Mole of Madness!
  4. So that is the end of another Dev. Diary, to be tucked away is some random archive folder on Roland's SSD. We have journeyed long and hard. We have laughed, we have cried, we have yelled and heard an inordinate amount of rock puns. I hope A18 is as awesome as we all hope it is and I hope that from here we get those small updates, then beta, then gold. The Fun Pimps can then start they next great adventure, but always remember, "Don't loose your feet, you never know where you might be swept off to". Bilbo Baggins
  5. Hey all, Been lurking and enjoying the chat! I am really looking forward to the streamer weekend! I am getting a tattoo finished up today and healing this weekend while watching 7D2D A18 streams sounds AMAZING! What are the top 3 streamers people will be watching? No trashing streamers, just wondering who everyone's faves are. 1. Glock 9/ Capp00 2. G4K 3. Kage 848
  6. I have gotten lucky and my 2 main weapons are in the same Attribute (Club and Shotgun) Strength. I also use a bow with my club when it is not horde night and I love to craft, mine and build the workstations with all of their glorious recipes. So, I am going to do what I can to be able to do all of that. If it is too much across too many attributes, then that is fine. But for my first play through, I am going to try it and see.
  7. So to chime in on some things that have been happening the last few pages: The 'viability': What I am going to say was mentioned, but I would like to flesh it out. In the old days of D&D you had a Mage and a Fighter. The Fighter got d12 hp and more strength, fortitude, etc. They could do and take more damage EARLY ON. The mage had d4 hp and had to be very creative early on to stay alive and contribute. The D&D mage and INT build in 7d2d are very similar, in that early on you will have to be more careful, resourceful and creative than a Strength or Fortitude build. BUT, like the mage in D&D as you gain levels and perks you will be able to obliterate the damage of the Strength build with your turrets and a gun in your hands. Or 2 turrets and a stun baton, etc. 'There are plenty of points to go around' We are getting 1 point per level with no max level. There is NO reason to assume you have to do a PURE build of anything. Being a one trick pony is not a good idea IMHO. Spread some points out and don't try to be killing the hardest thing in the game by day 10 (hyperbole) Keep up the great work pimps! Very excited about A18!
  8. Madmole, Thank you for the video! Nice to see it is coming along and we are getting closer everyday. I do have a question/ concern that has been mentioned and talked about a bit, but I am hoping for a bit more definitive answer. You are on day 9 and I am concerned with the amount and quality of the loot you have found already: The lvl 6 AK is the easy one, but there are many more Lvl 4: Arm Armor, Blunderbuss? Lvl 3: Leg armor, chest armor, mining helmet, iron pick axe, 2 javelins? Other: BDU tops and bottoms, quite a few bullets/ shells, a grenade, hunting knife, 300 pills, lvl 2 wrench It seems like that is a lot of powerful stuff for day 9. I am in the camp that loot found is WAY overpowered. It is not that it has to be all crap, but you have found a lvl 6 gun, the most efficient clothing in the game and all that other stuff by day 9. Thank you again for the video and if this is the intent, then that is cool, I just wanted to flesh it out a bit. Caz
  9. Yes, I would rather wait 2 week and have them release it when it is ready then rush it and face the backlash they have in the past.
  10. Please only speak for yourself. Including fictitious 'others' in your arguments do not make them stronger. Especially when they are untrue and have proven to be so.
  11. I believe Demolishers do a lot more block damage with their fists than cops do. And cops spit where Demolishers do not. The fact that they both blow up does not make them the same. The Demolisher in MMs video went through the iron bars at the top of his ramp in a couple hits. That was impressive and scary! I look forward to seeing them and finding ways to mitigate them. Caz
  12. I love this idea. Having more options to be able to paint on our boxes would be fantastic! Especially if those are the icons the game is using for those items anyway! Also love this idea. Having a store all for emergencies and a store duplicates is perfect IMHO. Just like you said, you could go to each box at the end of the loot run and add the items from your backpack (only) to the like items in that box. It is probably wrong how excited this thought got me......lol
  13. That is true, of course and I agree with you. Even as I was writing it, I was thinking it was too too for the base game. Thank you for the response and feedback though
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