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  1. Hello all, Sounds like alpha 20 is goin to be amazing! I am glad to see what is getting worked on and that the structure and systems put into A18 and A19 are enduring. I was wondering if in A20 we could get a small addition to the code. I think it would be awesome if we could repair broken cabinets. This would take them from useless to having some storage. It would be just like repairing a see through/ broken block on the outside of a house. I figure it could require some nails and wood. To take it from broken with no storage to fixed with 12 storage or so, or however
  2. Steam name: Cazmyr Hours played: 7490 Started on Alpha: 1 Discord name: Cazmyr Native language: English
  3. Cazmyr

    A16 Valmod Pack

    Questions about some issues I am having. So first and foremost I love Valmod! I am really enjoying the skill system and not having progress stuck behind a lucky drop. Also the ability to scrap books into skill points is fantastic! I am having 2 issues though and I am not sure if it is a problem in the core game or something else. 1. I have had 4 minibikes go missing now in 20 game days. I know this is a vanilla problem also, so am not sure if there is a fix or anything, but it is quite annoying, especially when you have valuable things in the basket. For now I disassemble my bike be
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