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  1. This reply is to everyone. I've not worked on this in 7 months. I posted that I wouldn't be working on this anymore back in August. I didn't give a reason then. But now that time has passed, I can say the reason was... fire. I lost all my files and have not had the heart to continue with this. And I'll be honest, it's taken me this long to give a crap about anything. As stated in the past, if anyone wants to continue with this, by all means, go for it. I'll leave the links to my git repository up, as those are the only files I have left and they were about a month behind what my actual progress was. Doesn't matter anymore anyway as it's all gone. I will not be continuing and will be asking a mod to lock this thread. Thank you to all that supported this.
  2. That's intentional. And part of the description in my original post about Workstations. With that said, I have to say Thank you to everyone that supported this project. Sadly, I have to end my involvement at this time. I'm uncertain if I will be able to return to continue. Thank you to Stasis78, Mayic and hernanxx again for the permissions.
  3. Hi, could you be more specific on the cooker? The Webber Grill is the one that does what you described. That is untouched from Mayic's Farming modlet. When I mentioned Farm Life in A18, I meant specifically FarmLife2Mod. Demmers project, Farm Life V3 I know is also Stasis. I assume most things are the same.
  4. Hello. While it's true that you can use "E" to gather, it's just an option. You can still punch crops to harvest. In fact, some items it's better to punch to harvest. And I set it up that way. As for seeds. If you played just a bit longer, you would see that with the Farm Table you can convert any seed to any other seed. Tool and Die set was removed, but again, I added it back and it is used in the Farm Forge. All the recipes you mention that you can't make, can be made in the Farm Forge. It was the very first thing I did with Stasis Modlet. It's actually ported from A17 copies. I'm not even sure there are A18 copies of FarmLife2Mod, I never seen one anyway. Only Farm Life V3 for A18, and I started working on this a while before I even knew about that. I'm not angry at all. Thanks for your interest in this Modlet. The guys that started these before I added my spin to it deserve all the credit. I just put this together for friends and decided to share it with anyone that was interested.
  5. Updated. I changed my mind on that. Fixed the progression to include the eggs.
  6. Thanks. That wasn't supposed to be learnable. I'll be removing that tag.
  7. Cherry Trees and Walnut Trees.
  8. All of the quests are currently available in the Farm Table. As far as unlocking different items, the Farm Life Perk unlocks almost every thing farm related.
  9. Yes. I've had no issues using them together. Edit: I have to add, it works with War3zuk AIO since A19 (b163). Prior to that, I had an issue with the way I had the custom Perk. I would have to check again, but I am not sure about A18.4.
  10. I tried to reproduce this. I did not have any NRE's at all. But then again, I don't know if you are using other mods and there is possibly a conflict. I haven't tested this with very many other mods either. War3zuk's AIO is the biggest one so far.
  11. I'm happy you enjoy the modlet. Stasis and Mayic had it set up well. I just hope I can do it justice with anything I've added. And yes, some of the animals are not implemented yet. Ducks happen to be one of them. Also, unrelated to this reply, I've made a small update. I finally got around to changing the starter items and two of the quest rewards. The Basics of Farming Crops and The Basics Growing Trees. They no longer reward the crates with all the seeds. Starter items are appended now with Vanilla items untouched instead of resetting them.
  12. It can be found in loot, yes. No, I didn't add a recipe for it to be crafted. I wanted to keep it somewhat of a challenge to obtain. And thanks for reminding me to keep an eye on this item. I forgot to make sure it was still in the vanilla items after this last update. (line 17819)
  13. While it's true that the Tool and Die set was removed, this and the Farm Forge are the first items I added when I first started this. (Because of the original recipes that required it). Up until recently, I had it with the rareTools loot table. It's now with groupToolsT3. Hope this helps.
  14. @War3zuk Just noticed your update. Thanks for all your work.
  15. Thanks for the kind words. It's nice to hear positive feedback. As for the crafting que. In Config>XUi>xui.xml change all the lines that have this <window name="queue10CraftingQueue"/> to read <window name="windowCraftingQueue"/>. That will change them all back to vanilla. I meant to change that in the last version. It is changed for the version I am about to post though. Hope that helps. Enjoy.
  16. I was hoping to post that link today. Life happened, so hopefully by Mon. No promises.
  17. This one is for you my friend. Made a few changes. It still needs a bit more testing, but so far so good. I forgot to show the perk changes, but I did test them. Really wasn't to much work at all.
  18. Would you be kind enough to point me in the direction of an A19 compatible version of this modlet? I'm only seeing Sykriss's thread with the A18 version Here This won't work in A19 for the simple fact of at least one items naming convention. The gunPistol. It's been changed in A19 to gunHandgunT1Pistol. Testing this at the moment so it will be compatible with other mods.
  19. First question, Yes, that is how I've been testing. Vanilla files with this modlet alone, sometimes along with my weaponMods. I would need to see the list of mods you are using, load them up and see what the conflicts actually are. Or, your server output log would be helpful. The version without the backpack will have Vanilla inventory slots. If you knew some of the people I play with, you would understand the ridiculousness of the Inventory slots. To quote my good Friend, "To many Baby Cries". It was one of those, "can't please everybody" moments that I gave in to.
  20. I'm fairly certain I found my error. This needs a bit more testing, but here is a screenshot. I doubt SMX Menu will be compatible, but I didn't check that. I like my menu screen. A version without the backpack will be available soon. I do see some of the issues you refer to. Thanks for the suggestion.
  21. I won't deny this. That is an issue I've ran into while using certain other modlets. I'll be the first to admit, I'm not a modder. I do this for hobby and I'm still learning how to do some things. I have no formal training at all, and I'm sure it shows. This, to me, is one of those challenges..... where someone told me I couldn't do it. This is me telling that person to come join Team FUn.
  22. I'm not familiar with everything in Valmar's mod collection. But I know you won't need Working ovens or sinks. I've added them to most of the cooking type blocks. Also, right now at the point this is at, I would say it won't play nice with most modlets.
  23. Unfortunately, no. I just tested them and there is a conflict with progression. I'll have to look into it.
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