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  1. UABE is kind of old. Look for Asset Studio. And yes, they only export. If you have your model in Unity, you need to have this script (ExportAssetBundles.cs) to be able to export your model to a .unity3d asset. Search the forums here, there is a lot of information to help you.
  2. Hi all, Thought I would share a couple screenshots from one of the mods I am working on for our server. Took me a bit to get this all worked out, but I finally managed to not get NRE's. The scale and offset are a bit off, but for my first attempt at a ranged weapon, I feel I did ok. I still have a couple issues to work out, like not being able to use ADS (even though the Attachments transform is not giving an NRE anymore). Any hints would be greatly appreciated
  3. That's interesting. Can't wait to play this again. Subquake, you are directly responsible for my desire to mod 7d2d. Undead Legacy is what got me working on a mod back in A16. You may recall I msg'd you about using some of the assests. In particular, the books. I never finished due to unforeseen circumstances, but I still have all my files and it is playable. In fact, I still use your localization structure for my own current mods. Thanks for that.
  4. Good to see you here Demmers, welcome. I'm also working on a "version" of this mod (which Demmers, you should have a link to. I pm'd you about it on Nexus Mods recently). Feel free to use anything I've done. @mr.devolver Farm Plots work. In my version of this mod, I have a Skill system in place that unlocks all of the "Plots" to address exactly what you stated, cheaper to make. We are also currently using War3zuk's AIO Overhaul and everything works as it should (compatibility wise). Plants right now are the exception and Demmers is fully aware of it. And speaking of the plants, I might as well bring that up now. The issue is when they grow to Mature status. The Upgrade property is the issue. Ground fertility seems to be an issue also. It hasn't happened alot for us yet, but some plants will grow and not be able to be harvested. Sometimes they "pop" and you lose the harvested item and the plant... leaving the block unable to be planted on again. In one case I've seen so far, Not even going into Debug mode and removing the entity helps.
  5. First off War3zuk, I like your mod, as do the others playing on our server. Thank you for the work you've put into it. Now, on to the quote: This is a bit deceiving. As Maganoth mentioned, there is a little work to be done once you have the downloads. Folder structure is important. Just placing the mods into the mods folder from what is downloaded will give errors as the mods are nested in the downloaded form after extraction from the compressed file. The mod launcher install has an issue. It appears it's missing the ModInfo.xml file in the aio Addons folder in your repo. I bypassed this by just getting your aio Addons and placing them in my own repo along with the our other custom mods on our server. No problems with the mod launcher since (I set up a private listing for our server, Thanks Spherii !!). This just happened recently when you changed the links on the mod launcher after updating your repo. We've been running your mod on our server for about a month or so. As for the AIO Worlds folder, unless you are playing your custom maps, it's not needed client side or server side. So that should be an option in Addons in my opinion. In my case, it adds bandwidth usage to the entire process that isn't needed. I totally cut it out when updating our server. And for those maintaining a dedicated server, My opinion of the easiest way to play online and keep everything the same and up to date... use the files from War3zuk's repo. Those are the files you get if you use the Mod Launcher. I have nothing against Nexus mods, but why download from different locations? Regardless, if you are maintaining a server, you should be paying attention to versions of everything you add to insure there are no conflicts. AIO Overhaul is great, so keep up the good work. Thanks and take care.
  6. War3zuk, since changing the links to your mod, aio addon files aren't downloading through the Mod Launcher. Does there need to be a ModInfo.xml file in that folder? Just curious. I load mine manually but testing with the mod launcher I ran into this issue.
  7. Thanks for the reply. I'd rather have no downloads needed. Items are working server side already so I'll have to workaround using existing icons with customTint.
  8. Hi, just getting back into modding after a long hiatus and I'm curious if the format for custom icons has changed in A18.3? I have my items, icons and folders as they are supposed to be. I have also used the proper format for the folders names for the icons. UIAtlases/ItemIconAtlas. My custom Icons are 160x160 png with transparent background with the exact same name as the item (copied and pasted to be sure). Still no luck, even with copying an existing icon and renamed to the custom item name. I've tried with adding <property name="CustomIcon" value="customItemNameHere" /> and not using it (which is still supposed to work if the Icon name is the same, which it is). Also, I have my ModInfo.xml correct as all my items are in game and loading from the Mods folder as intended, just the Icons are not showing up unless I use an existing items icon with the CustomIcon property. For example, a crossbow. If I use <property name="CustomIcon" value="gunCrossbowCompound" /> it shows the Compound Crossbow icon no problem. But if I specify my custom icon, <property name="CustomIcon" value="gunAdvancedCrossbow" /> it shows nothing. This is all on a dedicated server, and a "rental" live server, not a single player game. Any help/advice would be appreciated.
  9. Hi, hope this helps. I am guessing you mean the icons directly beneath the compass. From left to right they are, Sanity, Radiation, Addiction and Fatigue. Descriptions for each are here: http://starvationmod.wikidot.com/heal
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