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  1. Sorry I messed you message. I've been out of the seen working on other projects for a wail. To answer you question no I don't have the source in a git at the moment. But to be honest its not have to build on any distro all thats needed is gambas3 to build and the other dependencies of course. Ide do a fedora build myself but I dont know how the dependencies are named in that distro.
  2. Forgot to quote
  3. Now that i have some time the project is moving again. The latest release is working with A18+. Im currently working on a way to install and run a proton version of the game (outside of steam of course) so we can run mods like the latest Ravenhearst and Darkness Falls. However I'm not having a great deal of luck so far. I can get the windows version to install and run but I can find a way to get it to detect that steam is running. So on top of that I'm working on bug fixes and trying to clean up some code. I'm not a programmer by trade so I'm learning as I go. There are still a lot of option plan on adding to the launcher. For example with the way 7days does xml only mods I can give an option to install and uninstall xml mod all day long in a single instance of the game. So we can play around as much as we want and not have to install a new version of the game just to install an xml mod or two.. At the moment the launcher is more focused on full conversion mods like War of the Walkers for example witch require a clean copy of the game to be installed properly Thank you all for your interest and join me of discord if you want to chat. The invite is in the mod launcher of course.
  4. On my linux install of 7dtd: No mater what prefab I load into the prefab editor. When i go to test the prefab it always loads the same prefab into the test world. I'm assuming there is a corrupt file somewhere but I cant find it. I have completely deleted and reinstalled 7dtd and deleted all saves nothing helps. Any help would be greatly appreciated
  5. Sounds good to me. Let us know how it goes.
  6. Ok guys that's enough please. All I meant was I will probably release to a Linux repository first that way there shouldn't be any issues with credibility when I release to the forum. I just though you guys might enjoy getting first look and your input would be greatly valued as the project progresses. That's why I posted here in the first place. So can this please be the end of this?
  7. That's in the works
  8. I get it Yeah I can see where you're coming from. I'm just doing this for fun and to give something back to the linux community.
  9. I sure hope not Delete
  10. Thanks sphereii Thanks sphereii It still has a long way to go but its coming along
  11. Hello BB_Drifter Deleted
  12. Anyone interested in helping test or just want to hang out and chat join us on Discord The latest version can be downloaded here: Current version is v0.0.47a released Sun May 31 2020 Manjaro, Arch Linux.... Package Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Mint .... Package Autotools.... Package Q. What does the Mod Installer and launcher for Linux (mi4l) do? A. It installs and launches 7dtd mods. A. Allows you to create a custom game and install your favorite modlets A. Allows you to delete modlet you installed in a custom game Q. Can I use mi4l to run a dedicated server? A. No, at least not yet, but I plan to add this in the feature. Q. Where can I go for help? A. You can post your questions here or in Discord Q. Are Arch and Ubuntu based distros the only distros you support? A. Yes and no. Currently I only know the dependencies for these distros If you need a package for other distros such as SUSE, Fedora, PcLinuxOs and so on......... I'll need to know the corresponding dependencies to build the package The dependencies for Arch Linux bases distros are: ttf-ms-fonts steamcmd wget git unzip gambas3-runtime gambas3-gb-args gambas3-gb-dbus gambas3-gb-desktop gambas3-gb-desktop-x11 gambas3-gb-form gambas3-gb-form-stock gambas3-gb-form-terminal gambas3-gb-net gambas3-gb-net-curl gambas3-gb-qt5 gambas3-gb-qt5-webkit gambas3-gb-xml The dependencies for Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Mint are: ttf-mscorefonts-installer steamcmd wget git unzip gambas3-runtime gambas3-gb-args gambas3-gb-dbus gambas3-gb-desktop gambas3-gb-desktop-x11 gambas3-gb-form gambas3-gb-form-stock gambas3-gb-form-terminal gambas3-gb-net gambas3-gb-net-curl gambas3-gb-qt5 gambas3-gb-qt5-webkit gambas3-gb-xml Thanks to DarkDude from discord for this info Ubuntu based distros may need to run the fallowing to get the gambas3 dependencies sudo add-apt-repository ppa:gambas-team/gambas3 Disclaimer: This software is currently under development and is in an alpha state. I am not a professional software engineer nor do i claim to be. I do my best to ensure that this software is safe to install and use before release. This software its self does not send any user data to myself or any third party when used as a game launcher. However if you install a game that requires download from steam, steamcmd will require you to provide your steam user credentials. I nor this software are associated with Steam or Fun Pimps. By Downloading and or installing this software you do so at your won risk and agree not to hold me responsible for any damage or loss of data. Now that that's done on to the fun stuff Change log: * Sun May 31 2020 Gandor <gandor71@gmail.com> 0.0.47a - Cleaned up form for Steam Login - Added form for add delete modlet folders - Cleaned up form for game installation conformation form - Fixed yet another bug in the Available Modlest dropdown that caused the UI to crash * Sat May 30 2020 Gandor <gandor71@gmail.com> 0.0.46a - Clicking on the Installed Modlets label now opens the current selected custom games Mods folder - Clicking on the Available Modlets label now opens the current selected users modlet folder - Added a new button "Edit Discription" - User can now create and save a discription for a custom game - Fixed a bug in the Available Modlest dropdown that caused the UI to crash * Sat May 30 2020 Gandor <gandor71@gmail.com> 0.0.45a - Fixed a bug in the Available Modlest dropdown that caused the UI to crash * Sat May 30 2020 Gandor <gandor71@gmail.com> 0.0.44a - Fixed a bug that broke new installs in 0.0.43a - Added a dropbox for Available Modlet subfolders - User can now add and delete Modlet subfolders in the UI * Fri May 29 2020 Gandor 0.0.43a - Fixed a bug here a Mods folder was being created in the games folder - Fixed a bug where custom named games wouldn't launching - Cleaned up the UI abit - Added an Open game folder Button - Changed label for "Installed Mods" to "Installed Modlets" - Deleted any code dealing with editing mods for now * Wed May 27 2020 Gandor 0.0.42a - Cleaned up a lot of old code - Added a new ListBox to the UI - Split xml files into different directories - Fixed a problem with 7dtd older alphas not downloading - You can now set a game name durring an install - If game name is not set it will default to the mod name - Changed text "Installed Mods" to "Installed Games" - Renamed "Uninstall Mod" Button To "Delete Game" - Added View Mods Button - Added a listbox to view mods installed in each game - Added a Listbox to view installable modlets - Moved all config data to one config files - Deprecated file mi4l-0.conf - Fixed a bug with forms not expanding to fit all controls - Fixed a bug with the tmp directory where it was creating a link loop - Modlets can now be dragged and dropped into the installable modlets box * Thu May 14 2020 0.0.41a - Added a new popup menu when install mod in button clicked - Added code to support proton only mods - More bug fixes * Thu May 07 2020 0.0.40a - updated code to work with 7d2d a18 - lots of bug fixes - There is still a lot to do but it works !!!! * Sat May 2 2020 0.0.40a - Added Cancel Button to settings menu - Updated 7dtd alpha downloads in repo - Lost source code for v0.0.38a and v0.0.39a - added progress bar back to code - still need to add logs back in - Checks if Steam is running if not launches Steam to try * Fri Apr 20 2018 0.0.37a - Added a dialog box allowing users to save alphas to cache or not * Fri Apr 20 2018 Gandor <gandor71@gmail.com> 0.0.36a - Fix a bug where steamcmd wasn't being executed on some systems - Fixed a bug where mi4l seemed to lockup if alpha install failed * Thu Apr 19 2018 0.0.35a - Added gambas3-gb-xml dependency * Wed Apr 18 2018 Gandor <gandor71@gmail.com> 0.0.34a - removed steam dependency * Wed Apr 18 2018 0.0.34a - Added a dialog for steamcmd update needed - Fixed a bug where mi4l seemed to lockup if alpha install failed * Tue Apr 17 2018 0.0.33a - Git added as new dependency - Adding a check box (Show Game Launcher) - Can now install old 7dtd Alphas via SteamCMD - Added a cache Directory for Alpha Downloads - Added Clear Cache Button under Menu - Removed Update Data Button from Menu - Fixed a bug in the way the ListBoxes displayed data - Temporary work around for Font DPI larger than 96 * Wed Apr 11 2018 0.0.32a - Set all control positions on main form * Tue Apr 10 2018 0.0.31a - More UI Hi Resolution Fixes * Tue Apr 10 2018 0.0.30a - Fix Hi Resolution UI error * Tue Apr 10 2018 0.0.29a - Fixed a bug where some mods weren't being installed correcty * Mon Apr 09 2018 0.0.28a - Some UI Tweeks - Added more output during mod install * Mon Apr 09 2018 0.0.27a - UI improvements - First xml compliant release - Fix display discription text area - started work on xml editor * Tue Mar 20 2018 0.0.26a - Added gambas3-gb-form-stock Dependency to package - Sun Mar 18 2018 Gandor <gandor71@gmail.com> 0.0.25a - Fixed a bug where mod discription was disappearing - Exmace Added New icon * Sat Mar 17 2018 0.0.24a - Exmace Added New Graphics - Some UI Tweeks - First Public Alpha Release * Fri Mar 16 2018 0.0.23a - Renamed some Data Files - Added ttf-ms-fonts as dependency - Ui Fixes - Added update data on load - Added background process to handle mod downloads and install * Mon Mar 12 2018 0.0.22a - Changed favorites to installed mods - Fixed an issue where mod was being coppied to base directory instead of mod directory - More Ui Fixes * Mon Mar 12 2018 0.0.21a - Fix Bug Creating tmp dir * Sun Mar 11 2018 0.0.20a - Added Favorites - Added Uninstall Mod - Ui Fixes - Added Search * Fri Mar 09 2018 0.0.19a - Added The Menu * Fri Mar 09 2018 0.0.18a - Ui improvements - Bug Fixes * Thu Mar 08 2018 0.0.17a - Initial release
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