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  1. Sorry I messed you message. I've been out of the seen working on other projects for a wail. To answer you question no I don't have the source in a git at the moment. But to be honest its not have to build on any distro all thats needed is gambas3 to build and the other dependencies of course. Ide do a fedora build myself but I dont know how the dependencies are named in that distro.
  2. Forgot to quote
  3. Now that i have some time the project is moving again. The latest release is working with A18+. Im currently working on a way to install and run a proton version of the game (outside of steam of course) so we can run mods like the latest Ravenhearst and Darkness Falls. However I'm not having a great deal of luck so far. I can get the windows version to install and run but I can find a way to get it to detect that steam is running. So on top of that I'm working on bug fixes and trying to clean up some code. I'm not a programmer by trade so I'm learning as I go. There are still a lot of option
  4. On my linux install of 7dtd: No mater what prefab I load into the prefab editor. When i go to test the prefab it always loads the same prefab into the test world. I'm assuming there is a corrupt file somewhere but I cant find it. I have completely deleted and reinstalled 7dtd and deleted all saves nothing helps. Any help would be greatly appreciated
  5. Sounds good to me. Let us know how it goes.
  6. Ok guys that's enough please. All I meant was I will probably release to a Linux repository first that way there shouldn't be any issues with credibility when I release to the forum. I just though you guys might enjoy getting first look and your input would be greatly valued as the project progresses. That's why I posted here in the first place. So can this please be the end of this?
  7. That's in the works
  8. I get it Yeah I can see where you're coming from. I'm just doing this for fun and to give something back to the linux community.
  9. I sure hope not Delete
  10. Thanks sphereii Thanks sphereii It still has a long way to go but its coming along
  11. Hello BB_Drifter Deleted
  12. Anyone interested in helping test or just want to hang out and chat join us on Discord The latest version can be downloaded here: Current version is v0.0.47a released Sun May 31 2020 Manjaro, Arch Linux.... Package Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Mint .... Package Autotools.... Package Q. What does the Mod Installer and launcher for Linux (mi4l) do? A. It installs and launches 7dtd mods. A. Allows you to create a custom game and install your favorite modlets A. Allows you to delete modlet you installed in a custom game Q. Can I use
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