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  1. 11 minutes ago, khzmusik said:


    #1 and #2 existed in A19 too.


    You can see #1 in action of you watch Glock9's Farmer Glock series. In his horde base, he had to add an open hatch to the ceiling above his ladder, even though it was maybe 5 blocks above the end of the ladder, or the zombies wouldn't climb.


    #2 appears to only happen with POI blocks. Player-crafted blocks seem to block the rain. At least that's how it works for me in A19.


    #3 seems to be an A20 bug, I've heard more than one streamer comment about it.


    Thanks for the info. I haven't had rain inside of any POI's for A19, but I will say it doesn't rain much in general, so I guess it's possible the two just haven't happened concurrently so I was just assuming it was fixed.

  2. I'm sorry if these have already been pointed out or this is the wrong spot for it, but a few things I've noticed watching Jawoodle's two videos:


    1. Zombies on his horde night wouldn't climb ladders to get to him, so they just milled about and randomly swatted at stuff below him

    2. Raining indoors again

    3. This could be pre-existing behavior and I'm only noticing it because there's more stuff in the world, but zombies seems to be getting distracted and caught by objects that pose no threat. They just seem to be ignoring the player more to do inane things, but again I can't swear to this.

  3. 2 minutes ago, Adam the Waster said:

    Free cloth and paint you mean?

    Getting cloth is legit, though by my first horde night i usually have more than i ever use. Having to find bits of stripped down cloth here and there might be a nice change. As for paint, using chrysanthemum and oil on the chemistry station is generous enough that i don't bother with that fussy game of pulling dye out of clothes before that point.

  4. One thing I just realized is that after the first couple of days in a new game, looting piles of clothes, dressers, hangers, clothing racks, etc. will provide the joy that book cases do, where instead of getting some garbage t-shirt i have a chance at an armor set piece.

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