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  1. The console version is years behind the PC...years. If the roles were reversed and they abandoned the PC version I am sure you would be a tad miffed too. All we console users are asking for is to give us feature plarity with the PC version. Hell even if we were a build behind it would be better than the mess it's in at the minute. Man the a17 map generator on PC is so much better the console version (though I prefer the console systems xp mechanic) They say the issue is now funding, it's not our fault if they had a bad deal from tell tale, that really is not fair to make console users suffer for that. That said if they released update 18 as paid for DLC (آ£15or even آ£20) I know I would pay for it immediately, so would most of my mates...yes it would be unfair make console users pay for an update that's free for PC users but it would be better than just being left out in the cold. As for ungrateful, we purchased a product that we expected to be updated, we can see the PC version getting big updates and the console version just abandoned. What exactly is there to be grateful for? Do you mean the fact they ported it in the first case? Yeah that's why we all purchased it, this type of game is rare on the console so we wanted to support it. We are not the ones being ungrateful chap
  2. tbh its gone way past a joke now. I have the game on pc and can play it by myself....but if i want to play it with my friends who are console only I have to play the very dated and abandoned version. 4 copies of the game between us on ps4 and 2 copies on xbox, do the devs care? well no. The assets were sold...not sure how that can happen but ok that was years ago. Other games have dealt with this (https://www.extremetech.com/gaming/283392-after-telltales-implosion-the-walking-dead-the-final-season-returns) Patience only goes so far... not that my loss of patience will correct it, developers have our money and do not care one bit
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