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  1. Yep, clear performance regression. I don't know what they did.. and I'm guessing it's probably necessary for future updates but this makes me really worry about game optimization down the line.
  2. No it happens constantly as soon as you hit other chunks, sure if you stay in the same areas after the initial hitches it's fine. But I don't want the hitches no matter what. This is not a walking simulator, you can encounter deadly ex-humans and wolf/bears anytime, I don't want to drop at 10fps AT THAT MOMENT.
  3. It's truly awful. Please whatever it is, it need fixing. I'd rather have average/lower fps than spikes of NOPE NO FPS out of nowhere. My config is unbalanced atm (replacing most of it with newer parts, cpu is super old i7) but I'm loading the game from a SSD so I/O is not the issue, my gpu is a 2070 super with 8GB and it's not even full in game...
  4. Game console was saying 'map generated in build 151" or something like this, I didn't go further after hearing after inventory breaking and players instadying. Maybe it works, but I would wait.
  5. From what I gathered b169 has difference with nitrogen's RWG and they don't like each other atm. Waiting for an update to b169 As others pointed out in this thread: it works, I saw "generated with a different build: 151" and assumed there would be issues with the changes in A19(b169)
  6. One of the reason people will ask for a refund: they see basic zombies, the loot system, barely anything about crafting and they have no "goal" to work towards. I would buy this game today on sale, without watching any lets play (cause let's be honest: that's what gets people on board): I would ask for a refund before the two hours mark. The game is super hostile to new player. The wall of text you get for playing tips (the feather icon that blink you notice WAY later than it is useful) is not anyone wants to read, there's no picture, it's tedious.
  7. Ah the zombie loot. No matter what you put in the loot table before alpha 17 it WAS the reward, not the xp, the loot.
  8. ARPG (masters of loot games) don't have any degradation, they just keep on offering incredibly varied items with effects and stats, you don't keep your items forever because they don't break: you replace them for better ones. The current loot system doesn't scale with the player (well it kind of does now and I guess that's TFP trying to fix the issue slowly). That's the issue. Maybe they can somehow "tackle" that with special zombies requiring special weapons (rad remover kind ?) or the bandits having resistance to weapon x or y. But tool/weapon degradation is bad. It was bad in A16
  9. Then someone messed up. Let me explain: you get acquainted with the game, the loot progressions forces you to look at 6 quality level of stone age tools before getting tier 2 items, for these 3-5 first hours the game subconsciously teaches you: at the same quality level, stats are the same. I'll tell you this: I scraped ton of tier 2 tools and more without even looking. Whose fault is that ? Mine ? Put that in a loading screen maybe ? Or just make it consistent ?
  10. I love the game. But no random stats on loot is stupid, it was stupid to have higher quality items have worse stats than lower ones but it was nothing a good loot table could fix, and it gave an incentive to go loot no matter what. They could have kept the old system (a16) and gone the tiered items route all the same. Even create a "legendary" tier to spice things further. Loot is A HUGE component of the game, it's what keeps most players active... yet they butchered it over the last 3 alphas, I don't get it. It's sad, it's such a simple thing to fix, an easy way to get player engage
  11. You all realize you can get a few starter stones by punching a boulder or even some concrete ? It says so even in the loading screen tips.
  12. Hi. Don't know about mtx, could be, could be not. But I got this idea in my head (and I'd love to see become a thing): steam workshop integration, live RWG (meaning POI can integrate workshop prefabs, and possibly have seed generated with FunPimps events: sets of POI with special loot/very challenging, POIs with a back story etc. They could even implement the same for items, they added seasonal items in the past, could be really cool to have such things regularly in the future (I'm thinking dying light kind of support here). I wouldn't mind having mtx of that kind (season pass ?
  13. That's super cool to read because I didn't mine much in A18 (too annoyed with zombies digging straight down to me even when being absolutely quiet and not moving).
  14. Yes please. Early game 7d2d is best game imo (and has been for as long as I played the game so since A16), so the longer (without feeling like it's stretching it) you can make the early game, the better.
  15. I love the music in this alpha, it adds to the experience... except combat music. It's bad. It's repetitive (it's basically a very noticeable loop, contrary to the other music), it never really stray from THAT theme, it doesn't fit the rest of the "soundtrack" (it's very heavy synths while most of the music is acoustic/ambient with very little synthetic sounding instruments). Either add more variety/make a toggle for combat music, or just replace it with something much less jarring to the audio experience. -Trader music is awesome. -To be honest I'm wondering if less
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