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  1. Any idea when the reversed mousewheel for Linux will get fixed? (apparently it's a unity bug)
  2. Well, same game, day 39. Still no boars, but FINALLY found a beaker. Got 4 in one day. (live on stream, so no cheatin to get'em) Got the steel tool schematic too. STILL need the workbench schematic. Started dropping pts into INT, so I figure RNG will wait until I can make it via that route, then drop a bunch of the books. (trader has a working bench, so made my tools, 3 pcs steel armor all I had parts for, and 2 chem stations) Oh, one trader had a motorcycle chassis for sale and the full motorcycle. Bought the chassis as I could make the handlebars. I has motorized wheels now. Sold the 4 minibike chassis and 2 handlebars. (I hate the sound of it) Other test game, trader had a beaker on day 1. Go figure.
  3. New game, new map, and trader has a beaker and cigar AND chemstation for sale on day 1. (working forge, mixer, workbench too) Mind you, first night, zombie shows up, I'm plinking at it, wolf shows up, kill wolf and zed. another zed shows up, as does a bear. Bear decapitates the zed. (that was hilarious to watch) Took forever to kill bear. Scamper down, harvest the meat. Day 1. You just never know what RNG is gonna give you, or do to you. 😛
  4. 16k map gen I use -Xmx32G 24 should work, 12 may not be enough. 653 sheep? most likely not enough. (had the same issue, so I give java half the memory)
  5. I'm not worried about the pigs. I've also yet to find a single beaker, or the workstation schematic. Normally, I have a bunch by now. RNG is just sucky this time. For meat, I get wolves wandering to my base and easily shoot them while they rub up against the pointy things attached to the support pillars. (love the highways from nitrogen. base up top, bars 2 blocks below the roadway for a cage, floor is 3 blocks above ground) (spikes on the poles and ... meat and xp delivery system) I'll have to do a screenshot of it.
  6. Day 35 and not a single boar spawn seen, except the horde of them dropped on me via mischief maker. (which promptly got me killed) 😛 Boars in farm POI are there, but haven't seen a single one in the wild. Everything else, yes. Just no bacon.
  7. There are tools that let servers do backups, so would be nice if that functionality was integrated at some point for single play. It DOES take up a lot of space if you don't keep track of it though. (I filled up a drive with backups without realizing it. oops!)
  8. It used to be 50 blocks, may be 100 now, not sure. If you dig down from a mountain type, you can get deep enough that they won't see/hear you. Bloodmoon excepted of course.
  9. Just curious as to which POI were considered to be gamebreakingly overpowered. there are a few that had insane amounts of loot, which I found hilarious. The library tower had a LOT of books, but it's a library, it should have a lot of books. (also had a lot of zombies, so had to work to get them) btw, I cleared 3 of those towers, never did get the workstation schematic I was looking for. (or a couple others) RNG is still RNG, so I hope that got left alone. I checked the changlog, and it doesn't say which ones got loot reductions. (I'd like to check them in 45 before going to 46+) Just for giggles.
  10. There is at least 1 on pregen02. (or used to be) Farming said corn for glue is fine. Easier than hunting bones.
  11. When the experimental goes stable, then the experimental tab tends to just vanish. It comes back when they release a new exp. (19.2bxx) This is normal. Nothing to panic over.
  12. want, need, whatever.. /waves hand airily (and no, I don't like inventory micromanagement) (double and: yes, I'm a greedy packrat) 😜
  13. *I* do, and use it. (and with compopak, I can fill that easily. (eg: go clear the library building)) I just made your 96 slot bag a bit bigger. (and 132 slot storage boxes, including the writable one) (and no, not gonna post it without permissions, as I merged it with the 120 slot one from steadman420)
  14. I suppose could just start new game, god mode up to 200m at lvl 1, turn off god mod, splat. repeat. cheesy yes. I may do that once I get to the 100 deaths, as it would take forever to get to 500. (or, just just do a pvp match with someone and just spend the time shooting each other. heh) again, cheesy.
  15. I'm only missing the die 100/500 times, all the pvp ones (I don't do that) and the hidden freeze yer tukas off one. I'm going to have to try and get that hidden one. The dying a lot, well, after a certain point, it gets very difficult to get kilt. (will full parkour, the boot mod, I dropped from 500 m and did not die. 10hp left, but not dead, and no broken leg. umf.) (did that one on a stream. was kinda funny)
  16. Whatever you DO decide to get, try to keep future upgrades in mind as the wallet permits. Skimping on RAM? ok, but can you upgrade to more later? SSD? HD? How *many* drives can you physically add? m.2? nvme? even if you don't get that type of drive now, CAN you add one later? Video cards are the ones you can most easily swap out for better later on. Upgrading the CPU is more of a why bother. (besides, the way they keep changing the blasted sockets, not much point) keyboard/mouse? heh. those you will end up replacing over the years. (left mouse button tends to break for gamers... hrmmm. wonder why?)
  17. I'd wait on the new AMD cards and benchmarking of both as well. Pricing always gets shuffled about (read: lower) at that point. min 16gb for gaming these days. Always, always get a stronger power supply than what you expect to needs. If you cut it too close, things get .... weird. I'm looking at the same for next year for my 60th. (I do tend to go overboard though. Finding a mobo than can take more than 64gb won't be easy..)
  18. Opininions are like string. Every yo-yo has one. 😛
  19. more time to get things done before the bloodmoon. even at night there are things to do at the base. crafting, cooking, etc. not to mention mining. I do most of that at night. Bear hopped into my mining pit, got a munch on me, then ate hot lead. meat delivery indeed. Once I get to steel knuckles, well, the goal then is treating the nasty critters like rock'em sock'em robots.
  20. I chose OTHER. Right now, it kinda sucks. However, I do see where it's going, and I do like that direction. So, it's like road construction. Sucky while happening, but the end result is worth it.
  21. That's what I did to get the 120 slot backpack, and the larger player storage. Took me a few hours of fiddling to find out what changed/was broken when the new buttons were added (in default ui) There IS something however with the larger forge queue that makes it tricky to get the crafted things out of the forge. Haven't been able to pin it down yet either. Almost like the hitbox vanishes, comes back, vanishes.. Turning off the forge and cancelling production, leave the forge and come back, and you can get your stuff. Very odd. (it's workaroundable, and it could be from some of the fiddling about I've done elsewhere.. not sure) As for putting the modlets on the server, no issues. drop into the proper mod folder and it works. (although, when you extract the files, the folder you want is one down, not the top folder, that won't work. May want to change that to Mods then have the modname folder under it, might be less confusing to some) Good work though.
  22. The backpack slots were too small, I figured out how to get the size back, but wound up with 1 extra blank column. (was using your code and the code from steadman420 120 slot backback) Got the sizes right at least, buttons in the right place and didn't break the save. I think it's just the size of the backpanel, but I spent long enough trying to get it to work, I just said, "I can live with this for now) I trimmed out some of the code from your 96 slot, and just copied over the size for the backpack. adding the lines for the large player storage worked just fine too. I can shoot it over to you as a PM if you want. Edit: pm sent.
  23. by day 80 I'm making them in 10k or more batches across 6 chem stations and 6 workbenches. Of course, I do tend to overdo things.
  24. Repair with just repair kit: loses a bit of durability, but not Q level (no point is screwing with that) Repair with kit and x number of parts: no durability loss. Repair with kit and xy number of parts: restore lost durability. Even if broken, above would apply. On horde night, I do sometimes have to make emergency repairs to the guns. Fine. I don't keep the spare gunparts on me, but, could keep a few if needed. depends on the durability loss. Lower durability means I gotta fix it more often, means lower dura.. so... Smiple in theory, no clue whatsoever about how hard to implement. Or, could just leave things as they are.
  25. In Fallout I disable the count for settlements yes. I've also added a few items for the cool base look. (Canadian items all over the US. heh) There are a lot of items in FO4 you can't craft unless someone mods in the recipe. So having items that we can't craft YET, is fine. CM for now, and once it's gold, I guarantee someone will mod in all the extra things. I'll certainly do another extreme overkill base again. (gonna try for a 200m tower next time, not just 100) Someone might even mod in some Canadian Imports to liven things up. (blame the lumberjacks. they're not ok) 😛 Lotsa chickens, rabbits (ignored) and even deer after the update. Went to my mining pit, hopped in.. grrrrooowwwlll... uh-oh.. Mr Wolf was in the pit. He got to nibble on me while I picked him apart. 😛 Graphics are being weird, but was on a dedi server and did NOT wipe after the update, so could be issues with that. (is why no bug report) Love A19 though. Ginormous improvement over 18.
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