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  1. There are things man was not meant to see. That is one of them. /shudder (and try hearing the cracking sound of a panel breaking, looking up and seeing... yup, big momma dropping down from the ceiling and.....) 💩
  2. more time to get things done before the bloodmoon. even at night there are things to do at the base. crafting, cooking, etc. not to mention mining. I do most of that at night. Bear hopped into my mining pit, got a munch on me, then ate hot lead. meat delivery indeed. Once I get to steel knuckles, well, the goal then is treating the nasty critters like rock'em sock'em robots.
  3. 3 Seashells? 😛 btw, I chose pistol and bullets of course. (I would prefer arty shells of course... heh)
  4. You are NOT getting an artillery shell in a "small" box. (nice try tho) 😛
  5. I chose OTHER. Right now, it kinda sucks. However, I do see where it's going, and I do like that direction. So, it's like road construction. Sucky while happening, but the end result is worth it.
  6. drawbridges are very weird and difficult to place properly. This is the one place where I will use godmode to put that bloody thing where I want it, destroying with the hammer of god, and grabbing another out of creative mode. It is much easier to place if you are flying, but even then, it's a pain. never tried the middle of the span blocks. hmm...
  7. Q1 weaps/items are GREAT to buy and scrap. You get 3 parts, and the cost is much less than buying the parts directly. I do that most of the game, until I'm swimming in parts, then meh, no need. but early? yep. Q1 only though! q2 and up, cost too much.
  8. I'm Boomer, and I play... well, gotta have my *BOOM*s. (yeah, 60 is the next BD, and I know ppl in their 90s that still game. PC gaming, not shuffleboard) 😛
  9. Part of it is even when you move to the second 'age', you still get a lot of stone tools. Q6 perhaps, but still a bunch. A granular approach, where there is a % chance of a certain "age" item dropping, that % increasing as GS goes up, and the prev "age" decreases would be workable imho. Mind you, I'd have at least at some chance of a higher "age" item dropping, kind of like winning the lotto. (no clue what % would work, but A chance) It doesn't take long to get to GS 12, where we should get non-stoneage stuff, but even then, yeah, still a lot of rocks.
  10. That's what I did to get the 120 slot backpack, and the larger player storage. Took me a few hours of fiddling to find out what changed/was broken when the new buttons were added (in default ui) There IS something however with the larger forge queue that makes it tricky to get the crafted things out of the forge. Haven't been able to pin it down yet either. Almost like the hitbox vanishes, comes back, vanishes.. Turning off the forge and cancelling production, leave the forge and come back, and you can get your stuff. Very odd. (it's workaroundable, and it coul
  11. zombies snoozing while you loot right beside them is indeed hilarious. Some of them really do need braaaiiinnsss.... "ok, you're banging on that tree while I'm clubbing you on the back of the head... *SPLORCH!* hmm, nope, no brains in there."
  12. Vitamins first. Then the shamwiches. Don't forget, extra levels in cooking and you can make better foods using the canned stuff. Fish Tacos, Chili Dogs, Sham Chowder etc. Even a few farm plots for taters/corn/shrooms and you can stave off starvation. If the can doesn't have a recipies option, go ahead and eat it. If it does, try and save it to make the good stuff later. Also, Iron stomach levels slow down the food drain too. Personally, I do bacon and eggs just until I can make the better stuff. Chicken rations/cat/dog food
  13. There are sealed crates all over. eg: there is one in an outhouse beside a broken old west wagon. (usually there is a snake resting on the crate) Lots of poi that have them as well that are easily clearable very early on. It was always a nice surprise to get a q3/4 pistol/ak early. Rare, but it happened. Now, have to hope for a treasure map to get a buncha dukes, or do a bunch of quests to buy one, if the trader has it. loot tables do need a rework/tweak. I know they wanted to slow things down, and they did, but it's gone a bit too far.
  14. once it went stable, and experimental was removed, steam puts you back into the "opt out of all betas". So you'd have to change it back to experimental later on. (I just checked)
  15. hmm, it's actually there with the POI teleporter. heh. 'course, ya need dm for that.
  16. If it's turning 180 degrees, I had that in A18. Knocked out part of my tower. not enough room in the garage for it to do that. Going to have to do a test and see, is it a 180 or is it trying to align to a specific direction. hrmm.. (it's annoying to say the least)
  17. mischiefmakerapp dot com is a great (and hilarious) addon. single zed, to a horde of them. (and can give goodies too)
  18. I wouldn't mind it just between traders (so you still have to get to 1 of them). Later on it is tedious to take a day driving all over to check on the restock. If ever added, fine. If not, fine. (so really, comes down to 'don't really care')
  19. The backpack slots were too small, I figured out how to get the size back, but wound up with 1 extra blank column. (was using your code and the code from steadman420 120 slot backback) Got the sizes right at least, buttons in the right place and didn't break the save. I think it's just the size of the backpanel, but I spent long enough trying to get it to work, I just said, "I can live with this for now) I trimmed out some of the code from your 96 slot, and just copied over the size for the backpack. adding the lines for the large player storage w
  20. by day 80 I'm making them in 10k or more batches across 6 chem stations and 6 workbenches. Of course, I do tend to overdo things.
  21. Repair with just repair kit: loses a bit of durability, but not Q level (no point is screwing with that) Repair with kit and x number of parts: no durability loss. Repair with kit and xy number of parts: restore lost durability. Even if broken, above would apply. On horde night, I do sometimes have to make emergency repairs to the guns. Fine. I don't keep the spare gunparts on me, but, could keep a few if needed. depends on the durability loss. Lower durability means I gotta fix it more often, means lower dura.. so... Smiple
  22. ok, I shamelessly used Khaine's 96 slot backpack mod, and updated it to 120, added the playerstorage and it works. Vehicle mod worked fine as is. now to update the server. silly me, wasn't deleting server backups and it filled the drive. 200gb worth. oops!
  23. Looks like 177 may have borked something... loot all causes exception (R key) and the take all button is now greyed out in containers. phooey! here we go again.
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