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  1. I'd rather the devs concentrate on getting A17 out the door, than answering the unanswerable. (head meet brick wall kind of thing) All of this is a major drawback to early access. select alpha/closed beta the old way avoided all this. Open beta, caused some, but those were generally short before gold release. (stress testing) Current form IS playable. Yes has bugs. It ain't done yet. That's life. Cheese truck is over there, and yes, I still have to go to the bathroom.
  2. I hope the storage on the 4x4 is more than the minibike. I know how much stuff I could cram into a Jeep. (not to mention adding a trailer) Without all the gun parts though, there may not be as much junk to haul as before. (and dear gods, less pistols please!! have a crate full in one game)
  3. Having done testing on stuff in that state before (yes, I used to work for a software company, way back in the days of DOS. ;p ), I could work with that, as long as I had a list of what was known to be broken and/or not finished. 30+ years of TS, so yeah, bit of insanity and masochism here. lol. For most people though? It might make it worse, OR it could cause a lot to just shutup. SEE? We TOLD you it wasn't ready yet. Did you listen? NO! Now, did you LEARN anything? (one of my dads fav phrases) heh. and yeah, I'd release it with the huge caveat and popups of: Backup your old saves. Back them up again. This is gonna break. Play at your own risk. etc. Then, when the whining begins, we'd need a few new emojis. Various cheeses (hinta hinta) Course, it would make your job busier, but, you'd be giggling yer backside off the entire time. (I would be)
  4. Well, I'm absolutely gonna try the E version. If for no other reason that to see if the 16gb barf bug from unity is indeedy gone. (linux) I DO hope y'all have tested that already. I will throw my beer empties at ya if it's still there. (what, throw full ones? um, no, that would be sharing the beer. no.) If you haven't tested it under linux, A) no biscuit for you!, B) gimme and I'll do it. (one box with 32gb ram, this puppy has twice that, only because I couldn't find a mobo that would do 128gb.) oh, and before anyone asks why so much ram... because I CAN! A lot of the other stuff does look like fun, and some of the noted bugfixes are going to be very very welcome (no more endless cops for one), but the mem crash thing is really, really, REALLY annoying.
  5. No! No! No! No! oh gawds.... that's just... wrong.. (they do that, I will mod the rocket launcher to do an absolute INSANE amount of damage. Think anti-matter levels here...) EWWWWWWWWWWW!
  6. One nice thing is, never run outta snowballs. Use to love winter. The Army cured me of that. It's Feb in Manitoba. Army says "Hey, lets go camping for 2 weeks and call it 'Winter Indoctrination'". er... (some really fun stuff in this, and I'll have another go with it next weekend. Afternoon shifts stink)
  7. hmm, were half a dozen posts short of 30k, now we're back to 30 posts short. hrmm... Someone let the post eating zombie loose.
  8. ok, what just happened? Was page 2000, now it's 1998? Who's doing the Time Warp?
  9. Sheesh, some people are never happy. (now where'd I put that cattle prod....)
  10. There, y'all got yer 2k pages. Happy now? (now gimme A17) ;p
  11. No meals on wheels, but meals on hooves... (deer/boar/ etc running into your spikes. ) hee-hee. Dinner is served! (oh, and cactus too. bunnies and chickens die to those, as will a wounded deer running away) speaking of which, will deer still runawayrunaway across the wild yonder so much?
  12. 1: Sticky arrows: very very good. 2: No HP/Stam numbers visible: um... meh. That will get modded. As long as there IS an indicator of some kind. 3: Fast zombie respawn: bug. 4: Fast zombe despawn: bug. 5: Hydration tied to yadda: GOOD. (want to see how it actually plays though) 6: Loot changes to the zeds: Gore blocks were a pain. Lack of bones/flesh though, that is gonna be an issue. Have to see what we DO get. (loot spawn values can be tweaked) I've wound up with a chest nearly full of pistols that I don't need, can't sell, and merging them into 600 lvl is just... grrr. I'd scrap them, but I don't need the mats. 7: Weapon changes: want to see just what the mods are for the slots. 8: Backpack: bigger yes, still not big enough, but with the item (NOT LOOT) changes, we may not NEED so many slots as before. (all the weapon parts...) 9: MM needs to actually play the game more. heh. 10: Alpha. EXPERIMENTAL. 'nuff said, except for: 99: The cheese truck is over thataway --->>
  13. This would be very nice. Really annoying when they walk OVER the rows of spikes and then die where we can't get to them. (without chopping our way in, or using creative mode)
  14. All the talk about permanent or removable mods.... I'm just going to wait and see what we actually get, and how it actually works in the game, once A17 drops. That is the entire POINT of alpha/beta. Try things various ways, see how it works out, change what doesn't. The fact that there is a can/cannot be removed tag is good. Just gimme the blasted A17 !! (I'm on vacation next week)
  15. heh. Lunch delivered to you, instead of you becoming lunch. I like that idea.
  16. That's how I got into modding. Looking at existing ones, tweaking a few things, learning what does what, then I started making a few of my own. I've already starting looking at some 7dtd mods, and do plan on trying to make one come A17. (no point now, since we are so close, and so many things are changing) Programming (bleah) is no different. Look at what exists, and try. Learn. fail. try again.
  17. Safe way into base: ramp. drawbridge. done. just don't leave the bridge DOWN. This ain't the toilet seat. (quite the reverse actually) heh.
  18. I'm also curious how the digging is going to work. eg: Pit Traps. If there is a way in from the top, with a drop, and I'm at the bottom waiting for the Zombilanche, will they still come running that way, or just randomly start digging? Mostly for what kind of defences to use. If I have to, I"ll dig out a huge area around bedrock, let them dig/fall into said area, and then come at me. Defenses can handle that. Bedrock cannot be blowed up by the stupid cops. (which is one of the reasons I go there) Also, some of us put our forges etc, away from our main bases, down on bedrock, for the heatmap issues. (screamers go way over there, please, yes, you're now in a building with nobody there. heh) Will they dig after that? Will they just now (finally) treat a hatch like a door and come after that? (which makes sense, as they just wander over them now) Rooftops, well, they've always come after me when I'm on the roof, but cannot get to me. Ledges, broken ladders etc. Will they start trying to jump onto ladders like they players do, or just start trying to actually bring the building down? Either way, defences are gonna be needed there. (part of me suspects we're just gonna have to wait to see what devious things they've done for this) (and yeah, ,gonna grab the experimental when it drops. duh! things to break!)
  19. I just hope the jeep comes with more storage than the minibike. (before mods) I KNOW how much stuff I could stash in my Jeep. (and amazing amt if you pack properly) oh, running over zombies with the jeep... umm... oh yeah! (you know I'm gonna have to try a bloodmoon while in the jeep)
  20. Mod looks interesting, and it's next on my list (having fun with Valmod right now) Looks like the problem is the Unity engine limited to 16GB, which is being changed in A17. Nothing the mod authors can do, it's the base engine as I found out. (Valmod would do that too, so would vanilla. Longer you play, more memory used until boom. I've got 64gb, so i'm NOT running out of ram)
  21. Well, after 2 hrs in windows last night, it got to 12.5gb mem usage. Odd thing with the linux though, is that *something* causes usage to suddenly skyrocket to the 16gb mark. It was around 9gb used then boom. If A17 will let us use more that would be good. (now, if it crashes saying using address above 64gb, then I'll KNOW something is borked) (I'm still going to do more testing because memory usage should not just jump like that)
  22. um, well, THAT needs to be fixed then. Bad dog! No Biscuit! I"m gonna see how much windows uses with the same setup, then see how much the base game uses. Interesting bit though, it WAS at about 8gb mem reserved, 16.9 virt, when the reservered just shot to 16 and the game barfed. *something* is causing it, but no clue what. 16gb limit on 64 bit is ... well.. silly. Thanks for the info, I didn't know it was memcapped like that.
  23. hrmm. The expansion mod (with the backpack mod) causes the linux version to crash at some point, always with the trying to address over 16gb memory. (I have 64, so I'm not running out) Doesn't happen under windows. EDIT: " Using memoryadresses from more that 16GB of memory " is the last line of the log. Not sure just *what* is causing it, but that's the point that the log ends at for the crashes. Could be doing a variety of things, nothing common between them, not length of time, activities, areas, nada. (which makes troubleshooting so much fun) BTW, need more recipies for potatoes. I'm going to mod one in, shepards pie. 1 meat, 1 or 2 corn, and 2 or 3 potatoes. (the seed I'm using has a stupid amount of potato patches, and no way am gonna go through 600+ potatoes with current recipies) (btw, seed is Starbuck gobs of potato, blueberry and corn fields, in that order. One location has almost 20 food plots in the town. no starving there!)
  24. I've been looking for a Linux mod launcher. I'll take a look after Ubuntu 18.04 comes out next week, since I'm gonna wipe my systems then. (no point in doing everything twice) Besides, it will also test this with 18.04 which will be shiny and new.
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