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  1. um, well, THAT needs to be fixed then. Bad dog! No Biscuit! I"m gonna see how much windows uses with the same setup, then see how much the base game uses. Interesting bit though, it WAS at about 8gb mem reserved, 16.9 virt, when the reservered just shot to 16 and the game barfed. *something* is causing it, but no clue what. 16gb limit on 64 bit is ... well.. silly. Thanks for the info, I didn't know it was memcapped like that.
  2. hrmm. The expansion mod (with the backpack mod) causes the linux version to crash at some point, always with the trying to address over 16gb memory. (I have 64, so I'm not running out) Doesn't happen under windows. EDIT: " Using memoryadresses from more that 16GB of memory " is the last line of the log. Not sure just *what* is causing it, but that's the point that the log ends at for the crashes. Could be doing a variety of things, nothing common between them, not length of time, activities, areas, nada. (which makes troubleshooting so much fun) BTW, need more recipies for
  3. I've been looking for a Linux mod launcher. I'll take a look after Ubuntu 18.04 comes out next week, since I'm gonna wipe my systems then. (no point in doing everything twice) Besides, it will also test this with 18.04 which will be shiny and new.
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