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  1. The client side has stable and exp at the same build, but not on the server depots. I just flipped everything to non-experimental for now. (and of course, will have to flip again when 18.4 exp drops)
  2. This. However, it doesn't take much mining for shale to be able to feed a buncha generators without issues. Battery banks easy to get. Q6 batteries, well, keep wrenching cars, and LL does help there. (of course as you close in on lvl 200, you'll start getting more Q6 stuff anyway)
  3. I'm actually using the layout you did in your video, Vedui. Just with a couple more dart traps. (because I miscounted) don't have to worry about fixing blade traps, halfblocks to get it right etc. Making enough darts now....
  4. Correct. Makes those Army Bases a real fun place. Some of the zeds fly a long way. heh.
  5. 60 dart traps, steps, electric fences, belt full of M60s and a boatload of bullits. (and a buncha boatloads of darts.)
  6. any helmet can have the helmet light mod, yes. I tend to get 3 pts int the motherlode/miner69er quickly. get more mats chopping/digging, and the axes work nicely on zeds. I go fort since I love the machine guns. Punching heads off is fun, but not the way for bloodmoons. A silenced pistol is also nice, but I've got enough T6 M60s now that I put a silencer on that just for giggles. I've been lucky and not had to put points into cooking. Getting a vehicle of any kind asap is very handy. RNG can help (found the chassis/handlebars for the bike, minibike and motorcycle on various games
  7. For non-dedicated servers, you don't have to edit any files, you can just use the console command and then the game saves that. Just have to remember to do it when making a new game is all. (it does work, I use it, and have multiple LCB going. On the dedi server, I just changed the serverconfig, and don't use a commandline option. Have 3 LCB in that game working fine)
  8. You can change it in the server file, and for single player, before STARTING a new game, pull down the console and enter: sg landclaimcount 10 (or whatever number you like)
  9. When I first started playing 7dtd, I was already streaming, and it was a hoot to stream a new game. I made mistakes, got killed a lot. Much backseat driving from the audience. Now, most of my deaths are either on day 1 before I get decent weapons, or falling off the damned ladder to the bedrock part of the base. (falling off the roof during bloodmoon into my own spikes.. and... um...)
  10. Use an auger in an open pit mine, and you will get one sooner or later.
  11. oops, forgot about the walk day, walk night, feral jog, horde run. (toned down a bit) I like to use steadman420 mods for bigger bags 'cause I'm a pakrat.
  12. If new, try 2 hr days, set zombie block dmg to 25% and loot to 200%. Drop nothing on death. Air drops every 3 days, marker on. Pregen03 is a great map.
  13. You cannot craft the old log spikes, but they are still there in creative mode. (and yes, I'll snag them. I like them and use'em) The bunker POI are nice starting points. Walling them off to prevent unwanted visitors from crashing the party, well... (since they do dig now) The small bunker has a wall, easily upgraded. The bigger bunker doesn't, and the wall for that is huge. (I tried building one) I still put my production rooms down at bedrock, and a couple chunks away, preferably UNDER another POI or a hill. As long as I've got 50 blocks between me and the zeds, I'm fine. Horde b
  14. Finally saw my first demolishers last night. Day 49 horde. GS 154. Got a grand total of 3. M60 chewed them up just fine. (default difficulty) The electric fence/dart trap base works just as well in 18.3 as in 17. (meaning I have to turn off the front half of the traps if I want the zeds to even make it up the steps) One cop blew up, the steel laughed at him. (I turned off the traps on the steps, and guess he was damaged, and then blew up rather than coming further. oh well) No idea what happens if I get a bunch at a time, only time will tell.
  15. I still think the top end rifle should be the .50cal. 5 shot mag. Bolt action. Hit's like a truck, but only 5 shots, and it's not the fastest to reload. So you save it for the big zeds. Yes someone will take it indoors etc, and will get swarmed. Now, a .50cal TURRET... mmmm. Expensive, big, DURABLE, and of course, shreds the zeds. (7.62 minigun with battlebox ammo... heh) 20mm gatling while would be hilarious, well, yeah, just cause of that. I'll let someone else do the math on how much gunpowder, brass, lead you would need to make ammo. Then how long it would take to make eno
  16. I'm using the same set as rev678 18.2b5 both on the server and client. Works fine. If you put on the server, it pushes them to the clients who connect, they don't need them installed, and it will not affect their local games. (which is good) If you only have it local, they don't work (some) when connecting to a server that has no mods. These ones work just fine so far. (love em!) And yes, I can fill up even the 120 slot bags.
  17. Not game breaking, but very annoying when the trees pop into your spike belts around the base. You always have to kill the block/item that is there, to get to the fake tree too. (meaning breaking the iron spikes, knock down the tree, then put the spikes back) Oh, and when the tree pops into the middle of the trader area... you cannot kill the tree. (almost forgot about that one. I just wiped the game there, so yes, can be game breaking)
  18. That's magic tho. Mind you, I would be fun to summon a flying dragon for horde night. heh-heh. *summons dragon* "I'm hungry" "Dinner will be here soon" *ominious music at 10pm" "Dinner is served!" *nom*nom*nom* "Hey these green ones are really tasty!" "Look for the guys with a glowing thing on their chest. Extra fuel for your fire" *CHOMP* rumblerumble.. *BELCH!!* "ooohh... BBQ!" heh.
  19. lol! I've gotten stuck in the sand in the desert, in a muddy trench and more. Say delayed rather than stuck. Some of the roads themselves need a bit of work too. Deep water? Ok, if y'all take a wheeled vehicle in there, you deserve to get stuck. Oh wait, there IS a vehicle that can go through the badlands. Gyrocopter. Guess I'll have to work on getting one of those in the future, and figuring out the controls. (and yeah, the trader is gonna get some choice words in the future)
  20. Then please, either A) have the trader stop putting quests in the middle of the badlands, b) give us an off-road vehicle. Granted, when the quest is at the top of a mesa, yer NOT getting yer motorcycle up there. But just off-road? Seriously, a standard Jeep Wranger does just fine off road, no modifications required, IF you take it easy and don't be stupid. Go zipping along at top speed? Yeah, yer gonna break it. Slow speed? easy peasy. (ok, on flat plains, or desert? zoom zoom. Flat snow? Oh gods, it's playtime!!! heh) (had a jeep for 20 yrs. wore the poor thing out)
  21. Actually, controlled cave ins are how I mine. Think recreating the grand canyon type. So they aren't epic cave ins, but still large enough. Dunno 'bout the auger, but with a steel pick, I've had it destroy stone in 1 shot. I think. Much beer was involved that night.
  22. lvl 68, 3500+ kills, no deaths, day 50, GS 140. default diff. Oh, I got the 1hp trees too, same thing, stable to exp on the server. The little pine trees are back (seems they were missing) and a lot of the others popped back in. 2 of them right in the middle of my spike rows around the base. was a treat killing them I tell you. (I know I have to wipe the server, but dammit, I JUST got the book to make the m60. I'll put up with the trees for a bit) On the mind wipe, yes, the whole point to me is, I have the books, so don't need the low level perks I took (eg: chef) Losing the b
  23. I've got almost a thousand meat sitting there too. Only because I've been saving it all while I get the farm up to make GOOD food. Again, single player. multiplayer, wouldn't last all that long.
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