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  1. We have the strip club, the adult theater.  Still missing the brothel, massage parlor, and Adult Bookstore.  (moar books pls!)


    And bring back the real strippers pls. (and make'em  really aggressive ones too)

    With the jiggly physics in now, put pasties on the bits that seem to cause people to go spastic.  :D  (would kinda funny to see)

    Course the strippers should have the garter with a few dollar bills stuck in it. 


    Mind you, I do NOT suggest lap dances from these dancers.  nope nope nope!

    (nor any of the .. ahem, "extra services")


    Zombie Apocolypse, we're blowing up, dismembering etc, and someone(s) is worried about a Strip Club?




    (I know, don't feed the trolls. but I do like the idea of the jiggly pasties)   :canada:


  2. Don't forget to look for Bob's Boars. 

    Lots of meat, fat, bones, cobblestone and cement.


    You can even take out Grace with a primitive bow if you're careful (and have a LOT of arrows)


    Hint: don't fall into her pit.


    Personally, I go into mining early AND cookery.  Lvl 2 cook so I can use the cans of chili/salmon for better foods,

    and not need eggs so much.


  3. Addams Family house.  (gonna need a train set to blow up tho)

    Resident Evil 1 Mansion has been mentioned, but we need......  The Hive!   :D

    Area 52

    Puzzle Palace.  (aka the Pentagon)

    Maybeery, er Mayberry.  😛


    all I can think of on one cup of coffee on a Monday morning.  :)


  4. On 6/9/2021 at 9:21 AM, BFT2020 said:

    I have seen that before with rabbits and barbed wire fences around traders.


    Had that last night. Wasn't dead though. Was in the sit up "shoot me now" pose.

    So I hopped off the chopper and shot'im.

    He stopped then.



  5. crunched the block wall at the porch (it's boarded and sealed now. tempfix)


    yes, the peeled out and took off.   (they were caught)


    By the time I ran downstairs, he was gone.  No boomsticks, I but I had my baseball bat handy. (Q3 aluminum)  :D



  6. A lot of those are in the CompoPak.




    Mall    (that one is absolutely gigantic!)

    Amusment park. (be very careful in that one. also huge)

    Some very large mansions yes.


    Some the difficulty is rather easy.

    The ones that are for T5 tho?  .....   You are not prepared!!!..  


  7. Replacing Windows with Linux on a DESKTOP (emphasis), is generally a trivial thing.


    Did that for my father over 15 years ago. (he hated waiting for the AV software to load and the warnings etc).

    Switched him to Ubuntu,   Firefox,  Evolution, OpenOffice (at the time) and all worked fine.


    When my mother came to live with me, I switched her over immediately, as she would click on darn near anything.

    Same deal. Firefox and Chrome (reasons for both),  LibreOffice etc.  All well.

    Was going to change her from the Unity interface to Cinnamon, as closer to a windows feel.

    Her response:  " I don't remember what that was like. I don't want to learn anything new".  (she's 80 now)


    Wifi cards are an issue still. Had to move her computer,  (after truck hit the house, see the clip).

    Got a wifi adapter and 100' ethernet cable as backup.

    No go on the card.

    Cable made it with about 2' to spare.


    So the AVERAGE user, the OS really doesn't make much difference.  Browser, email, print and that's pretty much all many care about.


    Besides, how many NON-Techie types can troubleshoot or fix a windows problem?  yeah, not many.

    So if that can't fix linux, the call for help, just like in windows.


    Oh, it's an absolute bonus treat for the scam calls and fake popups too.


    Mother: "Windows Security Center has found ...."  "what should I do?"

    Me:  Mom, are you running windows?

    Mother: Well, no.

    Me:  just click the red X in the corner. It's a scam, and it can't hurt you because I put you on linux.

    Mom: oh, ok.


    The scam calls, are fun. I string them along looking for what they want.

    Sooooo much fun when I say  "oh, did I forget to mention I'm on Linux and not Windows?"


    hee-hee.  (serves those bastids right)    :D


    (and no, linux is not perfect, nor is it a panacea for anything)


    Oh, I've also been using it since pre 0.99 . Still have the stack of floppies for that. I'm a bit of a packrat for software stuff)





  8. ppls asked  "how were you so calm?" 


    Been through a major quake (northridge) and of course, army training. 


    In the immortal words of the bunny  "I'll be scared later, right now I'm too mad"   :D


    The front of the house has an enclosed porch. (that's what was hit)  Cinderblocks up to the window line.


    My mother had her computer/office on that porch. She was in there when it happened.


    Office has been moved. (and what a chore what was moving the cabling for the phone/computer)


    Mother is NOT amused.


    Was not a minor crunch.  (still trying to figure out how the screen shook when it hit. OBS captures the game, yet IT shook. odd)


    Of course, next day, stream said I hadda shewt stuff. I did.


    Viewer used MM to get me kilt 5 times.  heh.


    That WAS fun.  :D


    (now, where can I find some AT obstacles and some mines.... hrmmm)    😛


    (I know, I wish)




  9. 9 hours ago, warmer said:

    Why are we focused on something that isn't even a problem yet?

    The very act of worrying about it, creates a problem when there isn't one already there.

    Chew on that.


    Because I *know* the kind of crap they do. Going back 30 years.


    (used to work for a software company, and I know first hand what kind of shenanigans they can, and will pull)


    As for the the cam for meetings,  ok, then have it a requirement for THAT program, not the bloody OS.


    oh well, I'll be retiring when win10 is EOL, so we'll see just what is going on then. Until then, nope, aint gonna touch 11.

    Of course, I said I wouldn't touch 10, but did only to see if that would fix the FO76 graphic stuttering that got introduced in one patch on Win7.

    Did the upgrade (free couple weeks ago, and yes, you can still do it), and lo and behold, the stuttering went away.  GG Bethesda.


    pox upon them all.   /shrug





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  10. 10 hours ago, eXSe said:
    I found the recipe for it and yeah... no.
    1. Melt butter in a small saucepan over medium heat. Stir flour into melted butter until smooth and slowly stream milk into the mixture while whisking continually.
    2. Reduce heat to medium-low. Stir tuna into the milk mixture; season with salt and pepper.
    3. Ladle tuna mixture over toasted bread to serve.



    I'd rather just take that can of tuna, drain some oil out of it, squirt some lemon juice into it and eat it like that :)


    You HAVE to add the frozen peas! Not the canned mushy stuff. (although that's all we have in the game, so it will have to do)

    Gotta have yer veggies.


    Raw tuna by itself?  Pass.

    Add mayo, mix, put on bread. sammich. good.

    add mayo, macaroni, onion. salad. good.



  11. I have the zombie block damage turned down, no so much because of what ONE zed will do, it's when a bunch of them all stack into the same

    place ALL hitting 1 block. That's just wrong IMHO.


    Also, when doing a POI we always get wandering zeds coming by, so it just slows down how long it takes before they bash their way in.

    They can still DO it, but takes time. Enough that I can get there and dispose of them.


    (ok, and I can chop the doors and get the doorknobs before they destroy it. usually)  :)


    I agree, regular zeds should not be able to beat through steel block with their bare hands.

    (the acid spitting cop, ok, acid on steel, then zeds bashing, that makes sense)


    Not a whole bunch of them all in the same block. (which does happen if there isn't enough free vertical space for them to do the pyramid thing)

    I do like that one.  Molotovs or PipeBombs for them.  hee-hee.



  12. On 6/19/2021 at 12:28 PM, meganoth said:


    I see you are not ready for really drastic measures. It almost seems like it were just a game to you??? 😎



    Of course it's a game!   Shoot the green glowy thing and then run!

    Bonus points for causing a chain reaction.

    Double score for taking out someone else at the same time.



    (only time I really have to shoot them is if someone drops a bunch on me using MischiefMaker. Then I really do try for a chain reaction)

    (by the time they show up on BM nights, the darts are waiting.  Ok, I'm also really good at shooting them in the head with the M60)



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