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  1. Thanks! Have you ever played Ravenhearst and used the halicopter? I'm curious how well it works and do I need to start a new game when I enable it. "Halicopter you can craft will take your loot home for you! The recipes is currently disabled but can be enabled in the recipes.xml. This will cause major issues on MP servers so do NOT use them on MP."
  2. "Halicopter you can craft will take your loot home for you! The recipes is currently disabled but can be enabled in the recipes.xml. This will cause major issues on MP servers so do NOT use them on MP." I'm new to the mod and will be starting a new SP game today. I'd like to enable the halicopter, but before I do i was hoping to get feedback from players that have used it. Were the any issues/ problems, and how do you like it? Also, what do I change in the xml file to enable it? Can I enable it on a game that I already started?
  3. What are the differences between the Ravenhearst mods listed on the launcher?
  4. I did the "hot coffee" quest, was I supposed to receive 1 super coffee, because I didn't receive it. I thought it would also unlock the recipe for the super coffee but it didn't. How do we unlock the "gas can" recipe? Any chance of getting the Valmod food recipes included in your mod?
  5. rangerric0100 is a great seed, with lots of big cities. This youtuber put me on to it:
  6. Just want to be clear before I use my few blueberry seeds and fertilizer that I have left, if I keep trees away from my plants and have a water source no more than 2 blocks from my plants then i should get no plant despawning? Also, can I become a farmer class if I'm already a miner class? It looks like I just have to make the "blank class paper" using "bundle of skill notes" (60). Where do I make the "iron helmet"
  7. I built a minibike and used the off-road tires on it. I drove off but when I came back there was another frame sitting in the spot where I built the bike. The bike I built is off camera, fully equipped with everything except the lock. Also, "sniper rifle silenced" and "hunting rifle silenced" have no sell price. Is the welding torch a lootable only item? Mortar and pestle, is that something that goes into a workbench?
  8. Thanks for checking into it, I love this mod and appreciate your work.
  9. Wow, I love this mod. Great job! I'm hoping some of the popular mods will incorporate this one.
  10. Ok, is that also for the plants, because I'm having plants and trees disappear with the water within 2 blocks.
  11. My plants are disappearing. I'm in a hot climate and I'm a miner class. I put some dirt on a roof, hoed it and placed a bucket of water within two blocks. UPDATE: One of my orange trees has now disappeared. I was able to harvest both trees once. I left the base, came back and the one tree was gone.
  12. I remember scrapping an iron hoe that I found because I had already made a scrap iron hoe that was back at my base, not knowing that there was a significant difference between the two.
  13. I love updates/fixes/tweaks/additions. Thank you Khaine Question: what is the range of spears?
  14. Coffee seed recipe, which skill/perk is that under? Also, I'm not able to fertilize dirt using a hoe and with fertilizer in my inventory. Is fertilization reserved for the farming class only? (I am miner class)
  15. sphereii, I'm playing Darkness Falls BBM, how do I know if I'm playing the latest version. Does the mod launcher auto update the mods?
  16. Thanks for all of the quick responses. I love the launcher and appreciate the time and work that you put into it
  17. Now this is a bigger backpack I was hoping to get a backpack like that one from "undead legacy bigger backpack" on the mod launcher
  18. I'm playing "valmod overhaul compo pack plus biggerback pack" but I'm not getting the bigger backpack.
  19. Once you unlock any of the ammo crafting skills then you will be able to craft gunpowder.
  20. I guess this was never fixed?? EDIT: You can trick it into wearing both at the same time by equipping them (wear) while looking into an inventory (crate)
  21. Will the Solar Array be returned to me if I wrench it? I need to pick it up and move it.
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