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  1. Big thanks for this link!
  2. You can only assemble a compound bow once you have unlocked the perk (which you already did) and then you must find all of the parts so that you can assemble it. Or find a completed one.
  3. OK, that worked great. But I have a trader I spawned out in the street by mistake, is there a way to delete him (and the other 2 I spawned too far away from the counter for me to reach LOL) - - - Updated - - - Thank you. Worked - - - Updated - - - Ok I unlocked the machete (Level 4 "advanced blade weapons") but I am unable to craft the machete blade at the Blacksmith Station. Says "you don't know the required recipe". What is that blade locked behind? EDIT-Found a separate perk for machete crafting
  4. Trader that's next to my base stopped opening for business. Any way to fix this?
  5. I already have the purified water recipe unlocked
  6. What is the carrot and tomato juice locked behind?
  7. After loading the "composter" how many days do we wait to get fertilizer?
  8. Have you figured this out yet? I found one in one of my chests so I'm assuming it's a drop/loot item. It must be a very, very rare drop. I need a second boomstick now to create the "Reggie Special", this may take a while.
  9. What's in the brown house?? - - - Updated - - - Can't be better than the loot found at "Fort Mooooo"
  10. Ah, I started the crafting at the station then closed it and came back when it was done, I'll have to stay at the station while they complete. Thanks! I'm picturing you slapping me in the back of my head while you're saying that.
  11. Is the craft leather armor quest broken? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=awiYmbaRw70 - - - Updated - - - Now this is weird https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=icgy6nPBdWc
  12. https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?48537-The-7D2D-Mod-Launcher-A-Mod-Launcher-for-7-Days-to-Die
  13. Map Seed rangerric0100 https://youtu.be/TIhOlKPM_z8 To give you an idea of how common traders are (in town). There's a trader in my town also that I forgot to show.
  14. "rangerric0100" traders are now in the towns and this seed has plenty. Enjoy
  15. @jaxteller718 you and your team have done a fantastic job on this mod. You guys are much appreciated. I'd like add to the enabling of the halicopter by saying that if you are using the mod launcher then check out this link to some helpful advice I received on doing that. https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?48537-The-7D2D-Mod-Launcher-A-Mod-Launcher-for-7-Days-to-Die/page105
  16. Ok, wow. Thanks, at least I know the deal now. Stuff like this makes me like Ravenhearst even more. The reward is soooo much more satisfying when you have to work hard to get it. I would love to see your base if you have any pics or preferably a video. I have yet to have my first horde night. I'm playing on the 21 day edition.
  17. Couple of questions on engines. Can they still be harvested by wrenching on vehicles? Is it only certain vehicles that cough them up? In regards to building an engine, the description states "car parts" can be harvested by using a crowbar on cars, is the crowbar loot only, purchased or both? Thanks in advance
  18. Ok thanks for the feedback on the wrench. Luckily I'm able to repair them. I used one for the advanced workbenches, and I should be good on wrenches now that I can craft them. What a great mod, it really extends the gameplay in a smart way. Hey how does the fishing work? I left click water then it shows a fish next to the pole (on the pole icon in my hotbar), then I right click the ground and a bucket appears on the ground, what next? OK I figured it out Fishing at Fort Mooooo in Ravenhearst https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OrQWZvr2eRU
  19. Calipers have no slot in the Advanced Forge even though their description says they are used there. Also, the Bolt Rifle description says it has a scope when it doesn't, maybe that's meant to say that a scope can be attached? I've been to 5 traders and looted 5 cities {not completely} in 9 game days and still have not found a wrench. Are cabinets/stoves and Working Stiffs still the best place to find a wrench? EDIT- OK now this is getting crazy, I'm player level 12 on day 11 and scavenger level 42, and still no wrench EDIT 2- Found 2 wrenches at Higashi pharmaceutical YAY
  20. That's a beautiful thing to do, I appreciate you sharing that with us. The player that created the fort was very talented. I am glad that it is in the mod pack.
  21. How bout that "Fort Mooooo" POI. I love it. Found one directly next to a trader (my base now), and another one on the other side of town. Has anyone else found one of these? --I noticed that the entrance to both is opposite the road so maybe it needs to be reoriented
  22. Thanks! I made changes to the Temp/Mods folder and unchecked refresh mods and now it's working.
  23. It's already included in the mod pack, it just needs to be enabled, I'm assuming by deleting the first part <!-- <recipe name="halipad" count="1" craft_area="advancedWorkbench"><ingredient name So that it looks like this: <recipe name="halipad" count="1" craft_area="advancedWorkbench"><ingredient name But even though I click save, the file reverts back to the original when I launch the mod.
  24. I'm trying to enable the "halicopter" in the Ravenhearst mod. I edited the recipes xml file and clicked save. When I launch the game it defaults back to the halicopter not being enabled. How can I edit the file and not have it revert back to the original? Thanks in advance. I'm using notepad++ to edit the file
  25. Thanks for that info. How do I enable it? I'm playing single player - - - Updated - - - Thanks for that info. How do I enable it? I'm playing single player - - - Updated - - - When A17 drops I'd like to stay playing A16 with mods. Will the mod launcher auto update to A17, and if so, is there a way to prevent that?
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