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  1. How would I add an icon for the vehicles? Even if it's just a simple picture. So that I can see the jetpack when it's in my inventory. (A18)
  2. I like this, gonna give it a try. Thnks
  3. Does "Ragsy_Brighter_Vehicle_Headlights_V2" work on Vanilla vehicles?
  4. Here's a peak at the "Valmars Buffed Supply Crate Drop" I love it!
  5. YES! Thank you for this
  6. Works and looks great! Thanks
  7. using the launcher I saw that there was a "manage modlets" button so I clicked it. 3 of the modlets have an "update" button, should I update those modlets?
  8. How do I edit the UI for the "Stallionsdens 375 Slot Backpack Modlet"? I need to make it bigger on my screen.
  9. Good news, the pallets modlet works with "RH 5.0 4k", I haven't tried shelves and barrels yet.
  10. Do these modlets work with Ravenhearst 5.0?
  11. I'm looking forward to the A17 version, thanks in advance.
  12. The video players are awesome, can we get a portable, handheld player also.
  13. I'm doing a Manual Install of Darkness Falls and "HDHQ - Textures/Lighting/Environment" Does it matter which mod I install first?
  14. Are these functional or just decorative?
  15. I F-in love this modlet! RELXIX_Quests_TraderAdvertisements
  16. I thought the smell thing didn't work for zombies?? "Valmars Sealed Meat"
  17. "Makes Store Shelving Lootable" Yes! Thank you. I got used to that in Ravenhearst and have been missing it.
  18. I like the idea of having a Mining Machine. Can we get more details on how to use it?
  19. Yes, you find all 3 and you can craft the Appliance Table. You can also use them individually. You can break them with a pickaxe to pick them up.
  20. Halicopter works great in SP. I use it a lot and love it!
  21. Limestone is gathered by breaking stone underground The trader station is meant to be that way
  22. Somehow my Ravenhearst 21 day horde edition is no longer listed in the launcher UI as an installed mod but is still in the mod launcher folder. I've been playing the 3.1.5 version of Ravenhearst (never updated to V4). How do I get the game to show back up on the UI without updating to the latest version of RH?
  23. How do you milk cows? I right clicked and left clicked on a cow with the milking bucket but nothing happens. UPDATED: So I left clicked on the cow until I killed it with the bucket then continued to break down it's dead body and received 2 bottles of milk. Is there a more efficient and lucrative way of doing this?
  24. OK, where'd you put the snowberries?
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