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  1. I put the biplane and helicopter mod into Darkness Falls and so far it's working. The first time I ran into a plane crash I was shocked and pleasantly surprised how the plane crashed from the sky and wasn't just a spawn on the ground, great job! Finding 30 crashes, of a particular plane/copter in order to build one seems a bit much though. 

  2. 2 hours ago, Gouki said:


    Try to scrap them, check if they only give you paper or see if the scheme has a recipe, if not, just sell them.

    I saw they can be scrapped into bundles but there's no recipe for the bundles. I'll have to do the math and see if bundles return more coin or something

  3. 14 hours ago, Sirillion said:

    It is part of the action menu, so the top choice of what you see there, the hammer.

    Due to a limitation within the engine I cannot show tooltips for those entries at this point. I do have a DMT script lined up to fix that but I've not had time to polish them up yet.




    Thanks! Love the mod

  4. On 5/16/2020 at 8:26 PM, Cernwn said:

    Try loading ComSenMod first to change all the stack sizes, followed by True Inventory by Eihwaz to actually rebalance the encumbrance system. Load order is alphabetical, so you can just add numbers or letters to the front of the mod folder name to change it.


    If you don't care about balance but just want 30K stack sizes, you can add the following 4 lines into a modlets items.xml:

    	<set xpath="/items/item[starts-with(@name, 'medical')]/property[@name='Stacknumber']/@value">30000</set>
    	<set xpath="/items/item[starts-with(@name, 'food')]/property[@name='Stacknumber']/@value">30000</set>
    	<set xpath="/items/item[starts-with(@name, 'resource')]/property[@name='Stacknumber']/@value">30000</set>
    	<set xpath="/items/item/property[@name='Stacknumber' and not(@value='1')]/@value">30000</set>


    Do we copy and paste that in or find each one and change the values? I just want 30K stack sizes

  5. Duster:


    It might look like it belongs in a museum, but it'll keep you off the ground and away from the zeds!


    Requires Grease Monkey 5.


    Has 2 seats.


    Wide turn radius and low torque means you better take it easy on this ol' girl!


    Not very fuel efficient, but that's the price of relative safety...


    Speed is set to 18. Durability is 5k.







    Git: https://github.com/bdubyah/Mods---A18/tree/master/Duster



    Holy smokes that's awesome! Fits the game well too

  6. I'm running the following SimpleUI modlets together/concurrently just fine on Alpha 18.1 b8 Stable:


    • Bigger Backpack 120 + Player Built Storage


    • Compass


    • Crafting Queue


    • Forge Input


    • Left HUD Buff Timers


    • Toolbelt


    • Vehicle Storage


    Hope this helps, and cheers!



    Thanks @rev678 ! Much appreciated

  7. If Darkness Falls only allows perk grease monkey 3 then that may be the issue as some of Manux's progressions require level 4 and 5 of grease monkey.


    You could change this line to reflect 'level 3' in grease monkey to unlock the additional items for DF or alternately gate them behind Master Mechanic.


    <append xpath="/progression/perks/perk[@name='perkGreaseMonkey']/effect_group/passive_effect[@level='[color="#00FFFF"][b]4,5[/b][/color]']/@tags">,manux_bigEngine,manux_vehicleBigWheels,vehicleGyroCopterAccessories</append>


    Although the current progression file is gated for Vanilla play ... so would mess up again if you went back to vanilla at somepoint .


    Edit : Although looking at manux's progression file you may need to change all 3 lines in progression.xml to give it a new structure to suit DF ....


    Ragsy !!


    Thanks Ragsy, that worked, love your modlet!

  8. Thanks,


    i tried again with vanilla game A18 and same, i have all error when I put on the ground ^^ so perhaps bug due to the A18 for some people.


    Edit : I find all error so now all work good :) except jetpack dont need fuel ^^


    I get the error when placing the Buggy. Is there a fix for that?

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