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  1. I put the biplane and helicopter mod into Darkness Falls and so far it's working. The first time I ran into a plane crash I was shocked and pleasantly surprised how the plane crashed from the sky and wasn't just a spawn on the ground, great job! Finding 30 crashes, of a particular plane/copter in order to build one seems a bit much though.
  2. I unlocked First Aid kits through "Physician" but I can't craft at a workbench or in my backpack. EDIT: Chemistry Station is where it's crafted
  3. I saw they can be scrapped into bundles but there's no recipe for the bundles. I'll have to do the math and see if bundles return more coin or something
  4. Schematics that have been already read, should I be selling them to a trader, or is their a better use?
  5. where is the "show recipes" button?
  6. Do we copy and paste that in or find each one and change the values? I just want 30K stack sizes
  7. Holy smokes that's awesome! Fits the game well too
  8. These https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?106453-Ragsy2145-Modlets&highlight=ragsy I use a few of them
  9. Thanks Ragsy, that worked, love your modlet!
  10. I'm using your mod on Darkness Falls and the High-Powered Engine is locked. Do you know what it is gated behind? I'm at Master Mechanic level now
  11. I'm left-clicking the security class book but I'm getting this message: "you cannot accept this quest at this time"
  12. I get the "NullReferenceException" Error on the Beetle and Helicopter Other vehicles that I've tried so far work great except Jet Pack uses no fuel as stated earlier. My favorite is the Hellgoat Bike.
  13. I get the error when placing the Buggy. Is there a fix for that?
  14. How would I add an icon for the vehicles? Even if it's just a simple picture. So that I can see the jetpack when it's in my inventory. (A18)
  15. I like this, gonna give it a try. Thnks
  16. Does "Ragsy_Brighter_Vehicle_Headlights_V2" work on Vanilla vehicles?
  17. Works and looks great! Thanks
  18. using the launcher I saw that there was a "manage modlets" button so I clicked it. 3 of the modlets have an "update" button, should I update those modlets?
  19. The video players are awesome, can we get a portable, handheld player also.
  20. I'm doing a Manual Install of Darkness Falls and "HDHQ - Textures/Lighting/Environment" Does it matter which mod I install first?
  21. Yes, you find all 3 and you can craft the Appliance Table. You can also use them individually. You can break them with a pickaxe to pick them up.
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