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  1. Damn, I had it in mind to tell a story of what happened in the poi, and a specific item would just enhance it. Is there anyway you can think of where you can get a specific item in the poi? Would maybe creating a certain container with a unique signifier/id and alter the loot table of that container to produce the item 100% of the time?
  2. Hi there all, I'm a complete noob to prefab building here, but feeling enthusiastic about it. I have a question about loot containers... If I wanted a loot container to have a specific single item in it so when the prefab is generated, that loot container always spawned with that one item in it, is there a way to do it in the editor? Or would you have to attack the problem from a loot table option? And whatever the scenario, how would I possibly achieve it... In a step by step instruction kinda way! Many thanks all.
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