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  1. love the horse mod and wife loves you for it should have been added to the game years ago TFP have problems doing the saddle part but it may be a problem with one of my other mods thru DF or something ty Telric ya rock hope one day they can add these and make so the legs dont move all the time lol
  2. doesnt seem like all the guards are shooting around the traders maybe just the guys or did you just lower the distance they see zombies? and has the animals husbandry been fixed ? is there a files for nitrogen for Darkfalls thought there used to be looks like the TFP RWG for the Darkfalls maps still cant make maps that the roads dont fall off cliffs lol? ok in the notrogen if i check that box for Darkfalls zones will that make the poi's show up to? Great job Kane and everyone love the feel of A19 and what yall have done i dont know if it is tfp or not but they need to make a way that the zombies appear farther away running into a building and then having them spawn around you sucks lol and some of the buildings i can walk up to and they wont spawn till you are standing almost on them i even tried backing up and they will despawn like 4 blocks away might need to check my settings. Keep up the great work
  3. you rock Dust2Death thank you so much
  4. so did tfp mess this up for 18.4 ? I miss the this so much the terrains look like crap with out it lol
  5. Bluman

    sphereii's DMT Mods

    On the husbandry works great on the cows and they do breed saw it can give milk but I have not been able to figure out how? played with chickens they disappear after logout I am figuring that will need to make a home block for them in the xml right? to make them stay? put out containers for the cows and chickens with food and water in them hay for the cows and corn on the cob for the chickens update ok found out chickens did not disappear apparently they can open regular doors and just walk out them lol so that was good to know lol
  6. Bluman

    Farm Life v2

    do you have it published anywhere? would love to try it
  7. Bluman

    Farm Life v2

    can i get the files that you used to make it work in Darkness falls please I cant get the animals to spawn that we get after killing an animal i am bluman # 4976 on doscord
  8. Bluman

    Farm Life v2

    I really do miss this mod Darkfalls put it in there but none of it works we need this fixed and working so bad
  9. cool thank you Khaine and the helmet light thing we have had that happen so we take it off pull out the light and put it back in and it has worked
  10. Thank you Khaine for looking into the husbandry glad I am not completely nuts lol so I am playing on dfmedium 3 map and have not been able to find any npc's that are hireable or that can even talk to read thru your notes and thought I had seen were they were supposed to be working and am curious I see people talking about random portals spawning have not seen one what areas do they normally spawn? still love the mod still even when I am cussing you during the horde night with them droping in on my head best money I ever donated for you getting that better comp lol keep up the good work oh yeah one more thing hate what ya did with discord lol not being able to chat in there lol I hope you feel better soon and bless you and your wife and the team
  11. is the husbandry thing broke in a18 stable we have tried to set out several animals and they disappear i have out the food box and water box and set several bails of hay out and the animals still disappear are we doing something wrong or is it broken?
  12. were is the download link for this please?
  13. ty sir for answering as always you are great
  14. this works great thank you so much have not got any errors at all wanted to test for a bit before saying this yyou are awesome and this is a fantastic addon to the game adds a whole new side to things
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