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  1. Can’t wait for the new plant models textures
  2. I don’t know. The stream lasted almost a hour. If anyone wants to watch it look up Fubar_prime. Was mainly alpha 18 news but the chat was spammed with console questions periodically. Towards the middle end I think is when they mentioned it. They briefly spoke about it
  3. So there was a fun pimps stream last night on twitch. They stated that there is no new news on anything console related still. They said it’s all tied up in a legal mess right now. They didn’t say if they bought the rights or if someone else bought them. So we just have to keep waiting and be patient.
  4. I really like that traders now carry more supplies cobblestone rocks cement coal etc.
  5. According to comments in the testers stream the new build is live and ready to go
  6. Lol they could have done that years ago why would they do that now. They made the bulk of there money long time ago.
  7. Well since they have not mentioned it today from what I’ve seen I’d say it’s not coming today.
  8. The update of the update about the update lol
  9. Well I’d assume no new experimental today.
  10. You mentioned modders earlier. Well khaine the modder for darkness falls almost has his test build done so that might come out soon. He’s changed a lot of stuff and reverted some stuff back.
  11. Rumor has it there shooting for Friday. Depending on if the last couple bugs they want are fixed. Info from a modder who talked to a dev.
  12. Any news on if we might get a new build today? I know bugs prevented yesterday but hopefully today.
  13. Let’s all hope for a new build today that’s what I’m waiting for
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