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  1. I never char or grill my meat. I always make bacon and eggs and that gets me through days. First thing I always look for when I start a game is a cooking pot.
  2. I just put 1 point in slow metabolism and master chef and I'll be good for until it's not an issue anymore. Food is no prob. just find a cooking pot, kill animals you find and get eggs from nests. I never had a strong need to hunt for animals. Look how much food I got on Day 2. https://imgur.com/a/ALBudml
  3. ARE WE THERE YET?!?!?!?! It's Monday 5pm here. I told everyone the update drops on Monday.
  4. Please let it be the hype train. Don't break my heart again.
  5. No because vehicle passenger is a feature for A17 not A18.
  6. Fataal stated that zombies will go to the shortest or least block defense route to get to the player. It's based on what he said. so if you made one side of your base, weaker than the others, they will choose to destroy that side.
  7. With the new pathing system, it's easier to funnel down the zombies to one place where all your traps will be. I'm thinking make the 3 sides 2 blocks thick and one 1 block thick with the door where all my traps are.
  8. Don't you think we should be? Like in Ark? Reason being, we might want a new experience in our favorite servers?
  9. Are we allowed to crate a new character (deleting the old one) in the same server?
  10. I have question about quests. Do your friends get the quests you accept and if you finish them, does theirs also finish? If friend A stays at the base and our team finishes a quest, does friend A get xp and rewards too?
  11. I hope you can implement interaction with objects like chairs, bed, etc. Then maybe be able to add a buff when you are interacting wit these objects like faster stamina/hp regen. Faster crafting speed when interacting with or around workbenches. I would also suggest players be able to reactivate beds/bedrolls. I hate putting up a nice big bed on my base and having to place a bedroll because placing one replaces my respawn place.
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