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  1. Yes, we would like to improve it. I've already spent time changing how water data is stored, but that is disabled for A20 and I don't like wasting my time, so I do plan on finishing it. There are water simulation changes we would like to make, but another programmer will probably be doing that.
  2. We have many programmers, many artists and many designers working on all different parts of the game. I concern myself with programming, so can't say much in other areas. Most of what you listed is not coming to A20. What is on the first page is most of what is coming, but there are some changes like optimizations or block placement visuals that are not listed. We don't give release dates months or even weeks in advance, but I can say A20 is months away and as a player of the game, I'm looking forward to it.
  3. Sure. Now it says Not... There are 20 items on list and 2 say not coming in A20. Edit: Changed water to say not in A20.
  4. Don't know, since no work has been done on it and it is not coming to A20.
  5. Lathan AKA Prime did the twitch integration. He is a streamer and loves that stuff.
  6. A large amount of my optimizations targeted worse case performance. As in reducing frame spikes for smoother game play. I don't care much for peak FPS. Who cares if sometimes you get 120 FPS, when most of the time you get 40 FPS and then randomly dropping to 10 FPS. I'll take 60 FPS most of the time. Lathan did a lot of iteration and testers a lot of testing to get to 50 builds.
  7. It is not a percent. Destroy area mode is when they can't reach you, but it can also happen when they fall. The blocks chosen are not totally random. It looks for supports and it is randomly between the player and zed, but supports are often not near the player, so it looks in a 10x10x10 area. That is already fairly slow trying to make a quick decision on what to destroy. Zombies types have random weighting for how much they care about block health. It creates some path variation, not radically different paths like some people want. That would require some very different rules. Door are already weighted so zombies prefer them over walls with equal health. The game does not know if a block is player placed. Each block only uses 8 bytes of data. With the amount of blocks in the world, it quickly adds up. I have thought about adding a bit to tell of any player placed/changed the block, but I don't even think any of those 64 bits in the 8 bytes are free. Adding a another byte means it gets slower for code to pass around because it is now bigger than the magic size of 64 bits that our processors like.
  8. There should be no 19.6. A20 will be soon enough we hope. Unity says they made a fix for one of the DX12 or Vulkan issues I reported, but it takes weeks/months to filter down through their testing and into a release. I do hope to update Unity once more before A20 is done, so it should have that fix.
  9. It was a plan that some of us liked, but that does not mean it is going to happen. It will take a good amount of time. Deliberately distorted would be lying and I don't lie unless I'm making a joke. It was not a joke. We are not changing normal game play for anything to do with streamers. We make changes because we think it will make the game better and to fit into release timelines. Twitch has a wide demographic. Over half are 25+. Granted they don't show <16, so there are probably quite a few of those. "According to GlobalWebIndex in Q2 2019, this is an approximation of the age demographic on Twitch, ranging in age from 16-64 years in age: 16 to 24 year olds: 41% 25 to 34 year olds: 32% 35 to 44 year olds: 17% 45 to 54 year olds: 7% 55 to 64 year olds: 3%" The drone was added because some of us thought is was cool. Not to appeal to certain people. Game devs frequently do things because they think it is cool or fun or different and not some master plan to suck people in. Business/Marketing people, well that is often a different story.
  10. Clothing and armor slots are not changing for A20. Streamers stream all types of games, simple or complex. The Robotic Drone is not simplifying anything, since it is an addition to the game.
  11. Watching someone else play a game is about as casual as it gets. Now they can get a bit less casual by interacting with it.
  12. I don't plan on doing any changes for AI in A20 other than bug fixes. Well, besides feral sense.
  13. That will have to wait for A21. Build your own Death Star.
  14. Never read that series, but I did enjoy his Posleen War books.
  15. Zombies may get some accessory variation past a20, but those features have nothing to do with each other.
  16. The feature should be in a20. How much it will be used is unknown.
  17. It will allow smaller POIs (called parts) to be placed inside larger POIs. It is not being using inside buildings right now. From what I have seen, first use is adding food carts, signs and other decorations into POIs. It still has bugs, so designers have not even used it much. They are busy making cities work with the new tiles system, which has been a lot of work making POIs fit city tiles. A group of tiles is basically a POI. Redesigning hundreds of POIs to be modular is not happening in a20.
  18. Because he is busy working. Nav will have changes to fit new features and the plot of the game, but that is not a20. It may be both. Yes. They are cranking out new and refining existing POIs. Saw some cool new ones today. How about small POIs randomly inside bigger POIs? That seems to be working now.
  19. No. A bigger or smaller POI is not going to make the map bigger. Don't know. We are not working on vehicles other than adding mods. For a20 anyway. I'm not working on it, so I don't know all the details.
  20. There will be road variety just because RWG now has a tile system and they are making road tiles for towns that are wider and look more like real roads. As far as some general hierarchy, have not heard that mentioned.
  21. Should be since they are testing all that in RWG and then having to adjust Nav for changes that move or resize things.
  22. Not this week, but I hear it is looking good, so sooooon.
  23. You came to the right place. This is not a nuclear winter, asteroid strike or super volcano scenario, so the sky would be normal/realistic, which is what we are going for. The blood moon being exaggerated normal. Not to say we would not do some creepy sky in the future, but I would not want to look at that for long periods of play. Sounds are certainly not done, so they may get more creepy in the future or not. Like everything it depends on the time we have and where we want to spend it.
  24. We are not planning on updating the render pipeline for 7dtd. We may circle back round to our AO at some point and try to improve it.
  25. I prefer whichever one makes sense for the project I'm working on. 7dtd is on Unity for better or worse. Changing to any other engine would be a huge amount of work and I don't like doing things just because, so there would need to be some serious reasons for such a switch.
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