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  1. Not currently. Colors still come from the spectrum images. The worldglobal settings we have now just modify those colors.
  2. You can put anything in there. That is easy. Having code use it is what takes time. We are specifically using it now for our conversion to linear color space and values that want to tweak as we go.
  3. Yes. The 3 ambient types cover everything that is rendered. Currently there is no engine tech to say use this ambient on these meshes and another here and even in that case it would still not work because a chunk mesh can have inside and outside parts. Outside is lit by direct light anyway like the sun and moon, so even if ambient was 0 you would still see the outdoors lit, but shadowed areas would be darker.
  4. I'm planning more tweaks tomorrow to try and get a better light level by using the reflection probe. Maybe next week. A video would really be better for that, but I don't make videos, so have to figure that out.
  5. Darker interiors are coming, similar to what we had before, but a different method. worldglobal.xml is a new config file which has: <property name="ambientEquatorScale" value=".6"/> <property name="ambientGroundScale" value=".4"/> <property name="ambientSkyScale" value=".5"/> <property name="ambientInsideSpeed" value=".12"/> <property name="ambientInsideEquatorScale" value=".3"/> <property name="ambientInsideGroundScale" value=".16"/> <property name="ambientInsideSkyScale" value=".4"/> These allow us to rapidly tweak values, since they can be reloaded like some of the other XML files during game play and modders could change. The 'Inside' values let us darken the overall lighting as you enter interior spaces. I hope to add more settings to the file in time.
  6. It should always react in some way to a hit, but often does not. Something I'd like to look at eventually.
  7. Has nothing to do with riding on it. All AI type entities have a character controller and character controllers are capsules.
  8. I was talking about it looking like garbage when we turned on linear lighting, not before that.
  9. A screen full of fog is not exactly the highlight of linear color space. We are just happy it is starting to not look like garbage, since turning on linear color space made a lot of stuff dark/bright ugly. Once a bunch of tweaks are done, we can show actual pictures of the world.
  10. I tested hitting Arlene in the head several days ago with clubs/bats/whatever and it worked fine. Any part of head collider. Raycasts are shown in the editor and visibly hitting colliders. Hit logging shows correct full damage or glancing amounts. Hit boxes are around main bones in the skeleton. The dress would not have them. Hitting clothing with air behind it should not do damage anyway.
  11. Sure. This was just a test of doing distance fog with the updated post processing. It probably would not be that white if we used a fog mode that heavy.
  12. I was just thinking of linking a Unity doc, but what you have there shows the basics.
  13. Linear color space was enabled yesterday and art adjustments for it have started. Post processing v2 added today. I'm hoping in a week we have a lot of it dialed in and looking sweet.
  14. The feedback is interesting, but pathing is big issue with a follower in our voxel world, so it is planned to be a pretty basic hover behind or next to you type of movement. Maybe post A19 we do something more, but depends on where we spend our dev time.
  15. I finished fixes for and testing of Unity 2019.2 (the latest .17 version) today and we will be using it for A19. The main change players would notice is they fixed the texture compression artifacts, which could be seen in our clouds. Vulkan still crashes on Windows. It takes longer to crash, but it still does and FPS is lower anyway. I tested DX12, but it has lower FPS than DX11 and causes an error with post processing, so that is not ready for prime time. We do get faster builds and incremental GC works in the Unity editor, so smoother testing for us. Yay!
  16. Yes. If we made changes to an experimental, then it should be a new experimental. A stable build is a build that has been tested by being an experimental. We could make changes, test it ourselves and release it as stable, but that is more risky.
  17. Getting 18.3 stable out is in the works.
  18. Our schedule for A19 is much shorter than a year.
  19. Seems fine to me. Punching or using a club on Arlene's forehead or hair does normal damage. Just above head does a glancing blow. What zombie were you trying to hit?
  20. While zombies are stunned. Formerly you could hit a zombie with a club, enrage them and stun them. Normal rage lasts 6 to 10 seconds, so that timer was ticking while they were on the ground, then standing up, so was significantly reduced by the time they could move. I did. Thanks!
  21. Today was our first day back to work after the holidays, so got some rage changes in: Changed entity damage buffs to store the damage remainder and use next tick (instead of rounding, bleed stacks now do accurate damage). Added Zombie rage chance scales based on hit damage (80 damage gives the normal percent ramping down to 0% or up to 200% at 880 damage). Added Zombie rage duration does not count down while stunned. This should help balance rage for fast low damage vs slow heavy damage weapons, power attacks and head shots, low damage bleed/burn ticks, glancing blows and stuns.
  22. He does not need to explain it, because I already said there is ZERO AI code checking to see where you are looking. It is simply random movement.
  23. We have some of that already. Vultures do aggressively attack vehicles and move faster in that case, but they would need to spawn specifically on BMs when you are in a vehicle. We've talked about spawning fast zombies in front of you on BM, but that is a good amount of work to make them not horribly pop in or have stale paths if you are moving fast and ones behind need to despawn quickly, but not visibly, and they probably need better hitting against a fast vehicle. Not simple, so all that may not be the best use of our time, when a simpler solution would work.
  24. Zombie AI does not look at what you are holding or if you are aiming at or attacking them. Zigzagging is a side effect of pathing on a grid, which allows them to more reliably path through a voxel world. Knowing that, a person can actually take advantage of the block alignment of the world to make them path directly toward you based on what direction you place yourself from them.
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