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  1. As Blake_ had said, there are many issues with that. The main overhead is instantiating the entity, not AI or animation. There are ways to speed up spawning and they are not trivial, but it will probably be improved at some point.
  2. Y is about 1m, but it varies depending if up or down. Y is low because I don't want AI spawning in rooms above or below you and dropping your FPS. We may possibly do some type of entity caching before we go gold.
  3. It is 8m in XZ for them to start spawning. Don't know what you mean by calculated in.
  4. 1 How they will work has not been determined. Trigger traps will probably be the same, but at some point stealth may add a chance they don't trigger. 1b Sleepers work how they do for performance reasons. They don't spawn until you are near the sleeper volume. That has not changed in a20, but as the game gets more optimized, some of those rules may be relaxed. 2 Those spikes have no colliders, they are just cosmetic, so removing them won't change collisions,
  5. 1 We have talked about it. We have a shark model/anims, but don't know that it will ever get used. Maybe some bored day in the future looking for fun.... 2 Mod, no, but we have a raft model and someday it would be nice to added it as a vehicle. I'd like to see a heavy water map eventually. 3 Can't think of any awesome, but my bar is high.
  6. 1 Increases the normal and turbo speed caps, so it lets you move faster. 2 No plans, but it could be done by increasing wheel torque, but don't think I'm changing that for a20. It will add more seats to a vehicle. The 4x4 is the one I will be doing first. The others will depend on how much time I have and if they look ok bolting a person on and if not, then will need model changes, which means artists and more time.
  7. Sure. I know exactly nothing about what they have planned.
  8. No visual changes other than the cosmetic mods (dyes) tint parts of the vehicle. The headlight mod does make more light.
  9. Some of them. Storage changes are not trivial. Maybe after a20.
  10. The mods I listed are all a20 will probably have. I spent today getting them enabled, icons set, tags set, slot counts set, fuel tank working and fixed a UI bug. Bicycle has 2 slots and it goes up from there for the other vehicles, but none of the 5 will probably be enabled for the bicycle anyway. The seat mod needs code still.
  11. These are the planned vehicle mods: Fuel Saver - Works Off Road Headlights - Works Super Charger - Works Expanded Seat - TODO Reserve Fuel Tank - Working on today None of them are fully done, since they still need icons, schematics and put in loot lists. Drone should be in a20.
  12. Sure, we could do a lot of things, but that is low priority.
  13. Each pregen world adds 300 MB to the install size, so we would probably stick with shipping just 3 for now.
  14. The pregen maps will be regenerated using the newer RWG, so they should be totally different.
  15. Unity released 2020.2.5 today, which actually fixed some weird profiler UI behavior and a profler error, both of which I was getting, so good job Unity! It is potentially a lot of programming changes and the programmer who will probably be doing it is working on a lot of RWG changes.
  16. How about: Optimized terrain updating
  17. My favorite feature so far is the fact I can switch the editor to release mode, which produces optimized assembly code, but I can still run the profiler on it. That means I get the same timings I would get with a full build, which takes my PC about 6 minutes to make, so I don't. I've been spending a lot of time optimizing and cleanup up lately, so a very nice feature. I just finished this one, which is a big win: Optimized terrain control textures to not update with every mesh update. Those peaked at 2ms spikes on my PC, on several frames, when new chunks load, adding to the FPS drop that already happens when building meshes.
  18. I am testing Unity 2020.2 currently. Only needed 3 code changes. Seems fine and is supposed to have some performance improvements. Feels a bit faster. 2020.3 (LTS) is supposed to be out soon, so A20 should end up being on that.
  19. Exp will have another update, so I just merged it to 19.4.
  20. The counter is probably correct, since the AwardKill func was calling AddScoreServer with 1 zombie for a vulture. It was the QuestEventManager that ignored vultures.
  21. I found the code. Added as a zombie kill. Thx
  22. That has not been worked on yet. The details of how it will work and what zombies has not been decided. Crawlers currently path on 2m heights just like all the rest of the AI. An airport does not have to be huge. It could be whatever size you wanted to make it. Like a small airport with one to two (parallel) 100m runways.
  23. Steve. He says it is mostly done, but probably a few bugs lurking as is typical in new stuff, but I've not looked at it recently. He actually has a new task improving dismemberment features that one of our artists asked for.
  24. Not yet, but we do have some stuff in the works. I've been doing a lot of cleanup in the chunk system, so some moderate gains there and fixed some mesh/material leaks, but there is plenty more to do. Today I worked on improving the chunk mesh LOD update (really just hides meshes). Chunk decals/models now dither out, so I can reduce the ranges they get hidden at while having no popping. Yesterday I added the xml for the burnt feral zombie, which has the flames. He is tougher and faster than the normal one.
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